Monday, August 30, 2010

The GEMMY's!

Last night's GEMMY awards were like a glittering disco ball beaming it's light of love all over Hollywood!

GEMMY? That's right. The Gay -Emmys. Between Modern Family's Erik Stonestreet's win for a gay character, Glee's Ryan Murphy best director and Jane Lynch's best supporting actress nod, not to mention the almighty NPH's (Neil Patrick Harris) win for his Glee cameo, and a triumphant win by Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, the wins seemed all GLBT, all the time! Take THAT Prop 8 hater assholes, because the GLBT community in H'Wood can and will buy and sell you twice!

Breeder host Jimmy Fallon did a nice job of hosting, but I felt a yawn creep in when he started reading fan Tweets on the air. Sure, it's savvy to integrate social media with live TV but not THE EMMYS. Shit, award shows like this provide TV with a rare opportunity to preserve the old school glamour from the days of yore, when celebrities weren't accessible 24/7 via the sinkhole of social media. Leave the cheap Tweets off the podium!

Modern Family's adorable Jesse Tyler Ferguson is KILLING me in this shot. You can just read the bubble over his head saying, "Snap! Quick! Before Pacino method-bitch slaps me!"

Potential Scandal?
Last week, I was incredibly moved by a letter posted on the internet from a mom about her gay son, who was ousted from the Armed Forces after completing two tours in Afghanistan because of Don't Ask Don't Tell. I even posted about it on momlogic. Then my DARLING Sir Pink mentions he knew this family growing up and this same mom always gave him the evil-eye because he was out 'n proud. Hrmph. I'd like to think people can rise above innate bigotry, and it was a beautiful letter. Jus' planting some food for thought...

Sassy Gay Friend Does Romeo & Juliet!

I know, I'm slow on the uptake but my HAGlicious pal Gina shared this on Facebook recently and it was too damn good.

Hag Of The Month
Miss New York Claire Buffie -- the anti-Prejean! Inspired by her sister, who so happens to be a lesbian, she's using her platform (and one of my FAVES), PFLAG's "Straight for Equality: Let's Talk," to bring awareness to gay rights. "I feel like gay rights are the civil rights of my generation," she said. PFLAG are my PEOPLE, right there. Werque! Check her articulate, intelligent interview on MSNBC! Love! Her!

My friend Alex put this up and I couldn't resist tossing it in for good measure....

x's and o's galore!
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