Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Heidi, Hos!

Time for some deelish, nutrish goss for your Groundhog Day:


I'm sure you GaGa lovers have all dissected the Grammies by now, but one things left unsaid -- the Jo Bro on the far right is gay from space. In case you so happened to drown this out with a martini shaker, behold and claim him for your own, Bitches.


This pickled queen has no doubt seen better days!

Rip Torn was arrested Friday night for busting into a CT bank because he "thought it was his house." According to TMZ, stadies responded to an alarm at the Litchfield Bancorp building and found Torn wasted off his heinie with a loaded gun! They believe he B&E'ed to get in. He's now charged with carrying a gun without a permit, carrying a gun while fully loaded, first-degree burglary, first degree criminal trespass and third-degree criminal mischief.

Wait a sec...you can actually charge someone with criminal mischief? Why the fuck is that lil' Taylor Swift still corroding the streets? That rendition of Rhiannon on the Grammies is grounds for lock up. You'd think a Lautner lovin' HAG would know better than dare defame our sweet Stevie.

iMad @ iPad

Cock-a-doodle-DOUCHE, this thing looks cool.

All I want to know is how many of you gays are going to make me feel like an asshole for not clutching this hot little number on the subway?

Many thanks to Mr. Pink for this apt depiction of today's most absorbent source of feminine protection.

The rOsie & Oprah Show

Sounds like a drag king extravaganza at the Duplex, don't it?

O'Donnell spilled her guts on The Big O Show last week. I just love that woman. She's a loving mom, gets hot, quality poon, and has the balls to get up in Baba Wawa's grill and wave a finger when she thinks she's being hosed.

Her HBO doc, "A Family Is A Family Is A Family" is an adorable montage focused on love underscored with a strong message of equality. Tune in, WERD up.

Weed Makes You Gay

Holy DISTURBIA, Batman. This flagrant display of idiocy, with respect to homosexuality and weed, was actually aired in Canada. Ugh.

Another hearty contribution, courtesy of Sir Pink.

Change That Channel And I'll Cut A Bitch

A Florida woman stabbed her boyfriend when he decided to change the channel during American Idol!

Watch and try not to laugh. I dare you.

Okay, okay....I DVR'ed the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race but haven't had a chance to see it yet. Tune into the next HAG for the breakdown, k?

Until then...LOVE!


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