Sunday, December 13, 2009

CaCa...Ooh La La!

Are your balls ready to jingle-jangle-jingle?

We Like Gays, Y'all!

I never ever thought I'd live to say this, but I'm throwing silver star cutout confetti at Houston, TX for electing the country's first openly gay mayor last week! This, in spite of a bunch of morons over there condemning her "homosexual behavior."

Several other U.S. cities, including Portland, Ore., Providence, R.I., and Cambridge, Mass., have openly gay mayors, but none are as large as Houston.

According to a Yahoo news article, "This election has changed the world for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. Just as it is about transforming the lives of all Houstonians for the better, and that's what my administration will be about," Parker told supporters after her opponent, Gene Locke, conceded defeat.

Parker's victory comes after a slew of shiteous gay rights setbacks, like NY's failure to pass the gay marriage bill and Maine-r's repealing the Legislature's passage of a same-sex marriage state law.

A BIG Win for NYC Trans Community

Meanwhile, back here in the big fat (Adams) apple, Governor Paterson signed a bill yesterday that includes transgendered people in anti-discrimination policies that govern state agencies.

This order represents the broadest protection ever extended to transgender public employees in New York State.

The NY Times reports in their authoritative font: "Though state antidiscrimination law includes gay men and lesbians, it is silent on the issue of transgender people. And while Mr. Paterson’s order will not have the sweep of a statute enacted by the State Legislature because it will apply only to state agencies, gay and transgender rights advocates said it would be a first step toward including gender identity and expression protections in state law."

You gotta give it up to the guy. In spite of the defeat of the same-sex marriage bill, he seems to be doing everything in his power to fight for equality.

Speaking of trannies...

CaCa...Oooh La La!

GENIUS! Many thanks to my boys at Fart On Tits!

Taylor Lautner on SNL
GRRRLLLLS....we've previously discussed the ridunkulousity of the concept of "gayface," but dear God on Christopher Street, here is an instance there is no denying. See for yourself. There are fewer things gayer on planet earth and the vast realms of space than this cutie blowing a kiss...

That lucky Taylor Swift! I mean what HAG wouldn't give her left tit-tay for a gay she can hide behind in times of danger?

This Is Just Funny

Who knew Ri-Ri had more to her than hot legs, a toneless voice and an asymmetrical hairdo? Hey, the holidays are all about pleasant surprises!

That's it for now! Sending all of you abundant air kisses and best wishes for a festive, fornicalicious holiday season!