Thursday, November 19, 2009

Talk Show

Hey Y'all!

Chaz On GMA!
HAWT off the press! Check out Chaz Bono's first TV appearance as a man! So amazing to see him realized!

America Loves The Ladies

Ever notice all the best American talk show hosts are lesbians? There's Ellen, Rosie and Oh....YEAH! Wanda Sykes!

Caught her spanky new show last week. Eeesh. I really do love me some Wanda, but I must regretfully state my disappointment. It seems the issue lies in formatting. The assemblage of stand-up to round table to haggy dishing with BFF to snippets seemed a bit jumbled.

Anywho, the absolute best thing about the show is that she was way more lesbionic than the other girls. By virtue of her spin on the material, and the delicious drag queen as one of her side dishes, there left no question which side of the closet door Sykes is on. She didn't wear an "L Word" t-shirt or anything, but she acknowledged who she was and what she stood for.

My two-cents? Seeing as Sykes has a whole week to get her shit together, she should lose the Merv Griffin soundstage and take the Chappelle route, combining stand-up/pre-taped vignettes mocking the week's issues.

Hear me Wanda? I've spoken. Now about those two cents you owe me...

Another penny: What an ironic tragedy that these lovely lesbians have won the hearts of a greater America who won't let them get married.

Risking Kids To Defeat Gay Marriage
Nothing pisses me off more than a piece of shit hater who dares use God as an excuse.

My old pal Kevin Dwyer wrote this revealing post for the Huffington Post about how head doo-doo Edward Orzechowski, President and CEO of the CCDC, says the gay marriage bill will "force" Catholic Charities
to shut down, royally screwing all those who need their help without so much as a pucker.

" 'Without robust protections for religion, this legislation forces us into a position of either violating the law or ending necessary services to the poor. . . . The bottom line is that this bill as written would hurt the children, families and men and women who count on Catholic Charities, our parishes and other religious entities to give them the care, the respect and the dignity they deserve to renew their lives.' "

Kev asks: "This begs the following question: Is the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. actually openly threatening children who d
epend on its charity (75% of that charity is provided by the American Taxpayer, by the way, as Orzechowski admits in his testimony) simply because the good people of the District of Columbia plan to extend the franchise of marriage to gay people? Are the lives of these children so expendable that the Catholic Church is willing to abandon them to maintain its codified demonization of homosexuality in the public square?"

Go Kev, for pulling their pants down in public! 'Bout fucking time someone did.

TV for the TiVo Impaired

O-Go Bye-Bye

*Sniff* You're on your own, Bitches.

"After much prayer and careful thought," The Divine Ms. O (Don't go scratchin' me Bette! It works!) is callin' it quits after 25 years to focus on OWN - the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Surprised? I'm not. Dieties have to prioritize and when you are running an empire, you simply can't be all things to all people.

This only effects me marginally, as I only tune into The Oprah Winfrey Show when there's a phenomenal star on, or during a sick day. In fact, sick days aren't sick days to me without a blessing from the Ope.

How the hell am I going to live my best life now? And whose nuts do I have to fondle to score a B12 shot?

It's no secret among those who know my biznazz I'm somewhat of a spiritual Angeleno. Which is why I was extra honored when my delicious peeps at MomLogic asked me to represent on, the official website of The Women's Conference. That's right, Bitches - Maria Shriver, Jillian Michaels and ME. It gets a little haglicious toward the end, when I muse about how I miss my Thanksgivings with my darling Kenzo.

I didn't get to say it in that piece, but I'm also grateful for the many Thanksgivings I spent with Jenzo her family, for treating me like family and making my formative Thanksgivings back in MA happy ones.

Hearts and Flowers to You Bitches! Don't fear the cornbread!



Mr. Pink said...
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Mr. Pink said...

I think you forgot to mention Oprah on the lesbian talk show hostess front.

Momma Comma said...

LOL! You didn't get the tease with the Oh...yeah?

Anonymous said...

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