Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Downward Dogs

Hi Y'all!

Here's the latest HAG NEWS:

Bea Leaves Cake To Homeless Gay Youth

Hag Supreme Bea Arthur left over $300k to New York's Ali Fortney Center, an organization supporting homeless LGBT kids. The center was really struggling in light of the economic crisis and now, thanks to Saint Bea, the bills'll get paid.

Guess in some ways, you CAN take it with you.

Ever want to know how it feels to have a vagina? Well this comely image is sure turn your erection inside out.

Fat Guy In A Lotus Pose

Oh to be a bubble over Kate Gosselin's frosted head. There is nothing less peaceful than this fugly display.

Who the fuck is this idiot's publicist? Does he actually think a few repulsive shots of his lovehandles oozing over the waistband of his poom-poom shorts will erase the fact that he spent $150k of his family's cash on hookers and Ed Hardy bedazzled condoms? That we'll actually believe he's winding down the path of righteous behavior?

Um, NO. So take that, you downward dog.

Maine The Stain

Well, Maine just sharted on the rest of New England, ay? This past Tuesday, voters repealed a state law allowing gays to wed. This is just six months after the law was passed by the Maine legislature and was signed by the Governor. One site said the naysayers won 53% - 47%.

Fuckers. You'd expect more from a state with a plaid state flag and a view of Canada from its back porch.

Speaking of skidmarks...

I'll Dance To Death!

This had me rolling. Many thanks to my pal Noah Fecks for this amazing snip that aptly depicts what drag queens get up to when fucking around on their laptops all high on meth.

If you are the sensitive type who crosses her legs at the sound of the "c" word, click "play" at your own risk.

And last but not least, for you non-tuckers who grapple with moisture where you jingle, jangle, jingle...

Don't Leave Your Guys Hangin'!




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