Sunday, October 11, 2009

Money = Mouth

Howdy Bitches!

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So our hawttie Nobel Peace Prize winning Prez Barack Obama finally came out and said he was out to end the ridiculous 16-year-old Don't Ask, Don't Tell military policy. He also appealed to Congress to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, a limitation of how state and federal bodies recognize domestic partnerships in providing government benefits.

All good stuff. He didn't say WHEN this stuff would go down however, and as a result gays far and wide remain skeptical about the Prez's intent to fight for equality in earnest.

I've gotta say, I sure as shit don't envy that dude. So many piles of shit to clean up, so little time. But this is BUNK. If he does right by the my gay brethren, I get (French) tickled by the message it would send the rest of the world. How're we supposed to show the world how freedom and equality can work if it's only happening here at home for part of the population? There's only so much Neil Patrick Harris can do by himself.

Some food for thought here, My Big O.

In the meantime, the Haglicious Ms. Lady Gaga redeemed herself in mine eyes with this basic yet effective speech. Please note how she maintains her impeccable Madonna inflection throughout and shouts out Barney Frank and Judy Garland to score extra Hag points. Bless God and bless the Gays!

The "F" Word

The "F" word is like the "N" word - it's only funny when tossed by the mouths of those in the demographic.

But what about Hags, who theoretically straddle the great demographic divide? As this cartoon depicts, the "F" word is used as a descriptor in jest, completely devoid of mal intent. We call ourselves HAG, after all. But no one wants to alienate their very best friends. So weigh in below, gays. We'd love to know how you feel.

TV For The TiVo Impaired

Pro-jhay Runway
Is it me, or has this fave just organically jumped the shark? Where are the Santinos, the Chris Marches and the Nick Verreos's? Shit, even the Stellas? BO-RING. This round of contestants have personalities like speed bumps and designs to match. No wonder Logan was spared. His design was heinous but with the overabundance of girlie action in the top tier, gals and gays need something to look at. Straight guys don't voluntarily snap this shit on to ogle Irina, fine as she may be, toss her glossy locks around. And LAWD knows the clothes ain't enough to keep me riveted this go-round.

Top Chef
Fell asleep during this show the past three times I've watched it. The only thing that woke me was the surprising verdict to eliminate Ashley. Note to Bravo casting folks - keep the Fabio's coming, will ya? As you've gleaned through your Real Housewife series, personality is EVERYTHING. I'm into girl power and all, but as great a cook as Jennifer is, I'm not exactly going to bust out in a chorus of Kumbaya if she wins.

The Highs of Bravery

An oldie, but DAY-UM what a goodie. Try not to laugh. I dare you.


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