Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rubber Biscuits

WELCOME to this Deluxe Video Edition of A Hag Supreme!

Bruno! (can't figure the umlaut)
Last night, I had the privilege of swirling in a Hag storm that swept into our local cinema to see the controversial Bruno. 

I completely see writer Brett Berk's point in saying Bruno brings little more than "pinkfacialization" to the big screen. In fact, I completely agree with his questioning the cost of cartooning "gay" to expose hatred from swingers, right wing political candidates, inbred, toothless cage fighting fanatics and gun-toting rednecks -- hatred that we are all already well aware of.

Was it obvious? Yes. Brazen? Yep. Outrageous? Yes 'm. Was a champagne bottle inserted into various orifii? Why, sure. Were there Nazi jokes? Uh huh, but with Mel Gibson at the butt. Did I laugh my ass off at a spinning penis with a head that shouts, "Bruno!" You betch'yer pedal-dildos I did. We all did. It was 90 minutes of salted nuts, seasoned to appeal to an acquired taste. 

Gays! In Uniform, Even!

Rubber Biscuit, Anyone?
A flying condom certainly beats one in the pool. The one time I escape solo for a quick dip and a tan at the Red Hook pool this summer and we're all ousted early because a condom was found floating about. Yep. And it wasn't a recession neon floatie for a very small person. 

I promptly went home and boiled myself.

America's Next Top Top

The genius doing Joan has the voice DOWN. My personal fave, for all obvious reasons, is "Pony."


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Hmm... ü ...did that work?

PS: "Joan" is Miss Sherry Vine, who also deserves a show.