Friday, July 17, 2009

Litigious Trannies and Gay Boyfriends

Hey Honeys!

Mini-post time. I wanted to wait until I saw Bruno to post, but that won't be until next week, so here's a little amuse-bouche to keep your tongue-tied and bush amused.

One Hag's View
I'll admit it - I'm hooked on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Not because I enjoy torturing myself with aspirational reality garbage, or because I give a flying fuck about what she's wearing, or because I relate to her parenting/work juggle. I really can't because I struggle through without the benefit of live-in help, so that shit just annoys me, much as I've grown fond of the lady.

I'm hooked because I have a serious case of Gay Envy. Her Gays are an example to all about how Gays should treat their Hags. They are incredibly loving and supportive and will even fly out to her side when necessary, because she'd do that for them. My gurl, fellow Hag Supreme Teri and I pondered whether these boys flock under her skirt just because she's "Tori," or because they want five of their fifteen minutes of fame. Maybe that's how the got in, but you can tell that's not why they're staying. It's truly an example of Hag/Gay love to behold. My mascara starts to smudge just thinking about it.

So c'mon boys! Emancipate yourselves from whatever shiny object is distracting you and Hug A Hag today. Give 'em their due. Because a Hag-free world would be a lonely world indeed.

In today's NY Daily News, a trannie is suing NYC's ass after suffering harassment from co-workers. 

Chanel Birden, nee Andrew Birden, says city workers discriminated against her with slurs and by gasping, "What in the world is that?" when she used the ladies' room.

The NYDN reports that Birden lasted two months at her mail clerk job in Central Park before getting the ax in May, allegedly in retaliation for complaining about crass insults.

"There is no mistaking me when you see me - this is definitely a girl," Birden said. "It's not like you're looking at a messy man with a wig on."

"And I'm a gorgeous woman at that," Birden said. "I would always go to work looking very glamorous."

Preach, darling! Hope you get your share.

You'll Always Be My Favorite Fag

Many thanks to my pal Jon-ish for posting this on Facebook!

Enjoy the heat this weekend!



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