Friday, May 01, 2009

Rande's Randy!

Heidi Hos,

Ready for some hot steamy goss? Pull your pants down, 'cos here it comes!

Rande's Randy!

According to E! Online, Cindy Crawford's handsome hubby Rande Gerber, who owns celebrity watering holes and other hotspots in more than a dozen cities, has been sued by two former employees for sexual harassment!

A pair of women who once worked as waitresses at the Gerber Group's Moonstone Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, Calif., filed suit against the company and its namesake in March, saying they were fired after refusing Gerber's and other staffers' advances.

One of the plaintiffs claims that, on one night in 2008, Gerber tried to kiss her three times and then put his hand up her dress in an attempt to reach between her legs!

Oooooh, that's naughty! Whatsa matter, Randy Rande? Cindy stop spreadin' for you?  

What a dumb ass. Everyone knows you shouldn't shit where you eat. Or in this case, don't eat where you shit.

Blow Job Blind
This one's from the NY Daily News: Which closeted TV icon should be more careful about whom he dates? He has been squiring an infamous gay bartender around town, and everyone’s noticing?

*Cough* Anderson? Bueller? Bueller? 

Is Twitter for Twits?
Nielsen says maybe. In this article on Internet News, Nielsen Online Vice President David Martin pointed to Facebook and MySpace at comparable stages in their development. Both enjoyed retention rates twice that of Twitter's, and continue to see user loyalty increase.

Phew! Call me old school, but I find it mighty disheartening having to take another two seconds that I don't have to broadcast every piss I take.  

Hey! Why don't they invent an interactive console that hangs off your toilet roll? Then you can Twitter on the shitter!

The Gay Dance Will Be Choreographed. And It Will Be Good.

Check out this hilarious mock anti-gay marriage video, 
paid for by God and Doctors. Um, who knew that 
useless slut Sophia Bush was a hag? 

New Hampshire is working to legalize gay marriage this week, but with the gains come some heartwrenching losses...

In Memoriam
Gays 'round the world are donning black schmatas in honor of the passing of Emmy and Tony award winning actress Bea Arthur last week.  She passed at home in Los Angeles, surrounded by family at age 86, after battling cancer.

Her deep voice, towering demeanor and impeccable timing charmed fans for decades.

I remember watching Maude as a kid. I didn't exactly get the double entendres and edgy subject matter, but I did finally get an active example of what Fred Flintstone meant when he said, "Droll. Very droll." The woman worked droll into a legacy.

Bea, your delivery will often be imitated, but never succeeded.

Michael Palermo  1965 - 2009

Words cannot capture my sadness about the sudden, unexpected passing of my buddy, New Hampshire resident Michael Palermo. 

My heart is broken for my dear friend, his brother Alex, Michael's daughter Stephanie, and all his friends and family. 

Hug your peeps tight. Because you just never know.

Sponsore Moi on the AIDS Walk! Only Two Weeks Left!
Alright bitches, if I'm getting my ass out of bed at 7am on the one night of the year I get to sleep away from someone demanding a bottle at fucking 4:30am, well, that deserves some cash. So sponsor me on the New York City AIDS Walk, coming up quick on Sunday May 17th. 

That's it for now, y'all. Rock the week!


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