Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Yo' Face!

Hey Y'all,

The untimely death of Natasha Richardson has rocked us all to the core. How many times have we bashed our heads on random surfaces and brushed it off?  No doubt, her light was snuffed out way too soon. But we can all only hope to leave behind what she did - a loving family and a brilliant professional legacy. 

Now won't you join me for a bit of spicy GOSS?

Project Runway Alum Throws Cat At Boyfriend!

Kenley Collins certainly found a way to live up to the crazy we all knew she was capable of on Project Runway.

According to the New York Post, the reality-TV fashion finalist was arrested Tuesday on charges she assaulted her finance, Zak Penley, by throwing their cat Arlo at him. Other items launched in her tirade were a laptop computer, three apples and a glass of water. They are splitting custody of their two pets.

"The girl cat [Sandra] is mine and the boy cat [Arlo] is his," she said.

My pal, the ever-quotable Alex Palermo, put it best when he said, "I've heard of throwing your pussy in someone's face but this is ridiculous." 

Mullally-Gagging (not literally)
I recently had the immense pleasure of interviewing both Megan Mullally and Cheryl Hines for Megan and I had a wonderful convo which veered off in many unexpected directions, like our shared fascination with Hollywood people: "Everything is perception. Like attracts like. We aren’t very Hollywood at all, I don’t think. I know those people are out there, but I never seem to see them. I like to watch certain shows, like Bret Michael's Rock of Love Bus. And I always wonder like, where are these women who look like hookers/porn stars? Where are they?"

Guess she's never been to the Rainbow. Good for her!

Welcome to Planet Unicorn!

Homoliciousness courtesy of my man Noah Fecks!

TV for the TiVo Impaired
I recently submitted this Hagly tribute to RuPaul's Drag Race for publication. While it stews in editorial purgatory, I thought it might be cool to share some of it with you all:

From ...Hopelessly Devoted to Ru

In a recent Los Angeles Times review, critic Robert Lloyd says “Drag Race" is “a useful reminder that masculinity and femininity are not absolute terms but a shaded series of possibilities strung between (relative) certainties.” 

Word. But it’s not just about the masculine looking to reconcile with the feminine. On the other side of the screen, a stealth league of breeder women tunes in to “Drag Race” because we find these ladies utterly inspiring. To bear witness to the artistry these remarkable illusionists turn out week after week, speaks volumes about the power we possess to transform ourselves into who we feel we are inside. By having the balls to become who they want to be, they’ve inspired my folk to crawl out of complacency and make the extra effort to realize ourselves.

As a hungry, art student in mid-80s New York, my breeder buddies and I trawled clubs like Area with the crème de la crème of New York’s drag elite. And I’ll forever be grateful for what those ladies taught me:

Run your life, don’t let it run you
Walk like your ass is candy
Stand up for what you believe in

Ru broke out of this very scene, braving the staunch conservatism of the Reagan years to preach the gospel of drag to the masses while gracefully picking shattered glass out of her wig. When “Supermodel” hit mainstream radio some 20-something years ago, my straight girlfriends and I stood glistening for hours in the swampy August heat to be among the first to pay homage to Ms. Ru at an in-store event. We professed our undying devotion as she graciously asked our names and posed for an endless stream of photos, her infectious grin spread wide as we fawned over her beauty – inside and out. We were desperately seeking her grace and her unwavering self-esteem as qualities for ourselves. And as thus, a kiss from Ru was like a blessing from the Pope.


Celebrity Sighting of the Week
Mr. Pink and Noah Fecks saw ladykiller Josh Hartnett last week at our new fave local bistro, Buttermilk Channel. Stay peeled for hotties!

That's it for now bitches! Stay gold!


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