Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Brit's Mocumentary & Prop 8 - The Musical!

My dearest Sugar Snaps, 

I apologize for my extended absence, but A Hag Supreme was out dancin' for the dollar. Now that I've returned, all aglow with the stench of love and money, it's time for a dose of holiday goss because it's less caloric than eggnog!

Prop 8 - The Musical!
Don't miss Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Allison Janney, Maya Rudolph, Margaret Cho, Neil Patrick Harris, Rashida Jones, Sarah Chaulk, Andy Richter, Kathy Najimy and Marc Shaiman as they take on Prop 8 in this genius, not-even-two-minute song and dance fest!

Brit's Mocumentary
Tuned into Britney Spears "documentary" the other night and I must say quotation marks are in order, because the only thing real on that reality show was the fact that they propped her up and made her talk. No topic was off limits? My ass.  

A stunt clearly engineered by manager Larry Rudolph to get her ass some attention before her record comes out, the whole sorry conversation worked in that it made me pity her just a little bit more than I used to. 

First off, she was so mellowed by psychopharms she was practically drooling. Woe is me, I can't go outside, I've never known any other kind of life -- you get the deal. As the show was sponsored by her perfume line, there were no direct questions what it's like to be on mental lockdown and show your cootch to half the world. But I did come away understanding that the poor thing works her ass off and is just as unhinged as ever -- just on a different set of controlled substances. Felt like I was watching Marilyn reincarnate or something. Sad. 

Judge a bit for yourselves. 

Anna Wintour....Aufed?
Could it be true? Due to sagging sales, could the Devil Who Wore Prada be ousted by the rebel in black eyeliner, French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld -- JUST like in the movie? Stay tuned!

Get on Tina Fey's Good Side
Not only is she a genius Greek girl who takes absolutely no shit from her hubby or anyone else, did you know she got her scar because some asshole slashed her face on her front lawn at 5 years old? She downplayed the whole thing so elegantly, just saying she makes sure she's shot from her better side.  Do it for the hippy, ethnic girls everywhere, Tina! Rule the world!

TV for the TiVo Impaired
Entourage Finale
Vince fucks old local girlfriend, scores a Scorcese flick, has falling out with E who gets back in the fold, Drama buys a Queens bar, blah- blah- blickety- blah. Same old, same old. The best part?  Turtle isn't just fucking...he's dating Jamie Lynn Siegler! And she announces it!

Top Chef
LOVE that the Foo Fighters were on last week, but with the ousting of Richard, Team Rainbow's already down two members, so it's up to Jamie to work it out for the gays. Doesn't Melissa look like someone smacked her upside the head with an All-Clad?

Really Rosie?
Speaking of working it out for the gays, I caught a glimpse of Rosie O'Donnell's variety show last Wednesday and -- Hag as I am -- couldn't even get past the duet with Liza Minelli. Shouldn't the poor thing be affixed to a chaise in South Beach with shirtless boys on roller skates gliding by with martinis every hour on the hour? 

Loads of love and x's, 



Mr. Pink said...

I've heard "Circus" and the only good thing about it is "Womanizer" and that's only good for about 10 plays before you start thinking "ok, the name of the song is what again?"

Brit Brit is the golden child. Everything she touches, eats, loves, has sex with... turns to gold!

Momma Comma said...

I actually heard the last album Blackout in Chance the other night and loved it!