Monday, December 15, 2008

Beary Xmas! Our Supersized Video edition!

Hey My Lil' Gingerbread Peeps, 

Happy Holidays! Hope the universe is doing its part to keep your season stress-free, in spite of the rampant fiscal monkey business. Here's a little holiday goss to keep you cheery and beary!

I'll Have What She's Having
Did any of you catch Paula Abdul on The View a week ago? Since Paula Goodspeed committed suicide on her lawn, it seems her medical team have traded Xanax for horse tranquilizers. Yum! If you squint, you can practically see the bodyguard waiting offstage with a wheelchair to cart her off to her next appearance. Poor dear. 

Surprise! It's Jizz In Your Pants!

Check the latest from Samberg & Co as they get Molly Sims and Jamie Lynn Siegler to play along.

Jen Aniston: Buff Stuff
As a long standing member of Team Aniston, this ploy to push Marley & Me caught me off guard. She's always come across as a funny, classy lady and I can't help but think going nude on the cover of GQ made seem her more...disposable somehow. 

But that notion in and of itself is feeble, isn't it? I'm mad at myself for buying into that double standard. If my body even remotely resembled that honey-toned goodness, you couldn't pry me away from a mirror. Then again, maybe that's how she got that body in the first place.

Why shouldn't a 40 year old with a bod to die for walk around naked if she wants? I say bless her. She's still got a bite to her attitude and I say WORK it, gurl. She's doing her part to help our economy. Lord knows how many bodyguards earn their keep warding off psychos looking to get a piece of that. Gotta keep 'em interested!  

Stylista Finale
Johanna should've beaten that wicked queen DeShawn... and she did. And who could predict the depth of Megan's petty insanity when she threatened to walk off the show, stayed because she "liked" Megan, then trash talked her and left her in the lurch when she was assigned to her team? Hot DAYM. Hope her decision to trash a promising fashion career and become the next Omorosa is profitable!

We are off to celebrate the holidaze, so I'll leave you with this here lil' gift, brought to my attention by Auntie Lolo.
A Very Beary Xmas

Have yourself a very beary Xmas, Happy Hanukah, Joyous Kwaanza and a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Watching Miss Abdul with that oscillating video wall behind her...whoa...I need to lay down.

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