Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Gay Kid on the Block

Howdy Bitches,

Back from a blissful week in the Hamptons and am trying desperately to stay "above puce." Summer might be winding down (ARGH!) but the goss just keeps on keepin' on!

John & Jen are OVAH
Poor Jen Aniston, John Mayer just couldn't keep it in his pants. God I hate nothing more than a man who absolves himself of responsibility in these things with shit like, "Really! I couldn't help it! Her tit just FELL into my mouth!"

He's been blabbing to anyone who will listen about how wonderful she was, but it ca
me down to "chemistry." Why not just buy a billboard that reads, "I dumped her"? If he wants to honor her, he should keep his mouth shut. But whatevs. Like we care.

Real World Red Hook!
I just love it when my predictions come true.

Here's the cast of Real World Red Hook workin' it out outside the BWAC c
omplex near Fairway...

It's only a matter of time before they make their way to Smith Street! Batten down the hatches!

Is Aladdin Gay (or European)?

Fucking genius!!!!

Outing of the Week
According to sources on Perez Hilton's site, the prettiest New Kid on the Block, Jon Knight, has been out and living happily with his personal trainer boyfriend for a while, smootching all over The Abbey and stuff! Get it on, Jon!

If you ask me, the sudden passing of both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes has left a gaping hole in the entertainment industry. I've never had the pleasure of seeing Mac in 3D, but I have hysterical memories of a tipsy trek with Kenny out to see Hayes live at the Westbury Music Fair in Strong Island. Spooky that they both star in the movie Soul Men, coming out next month. Poor Samuel L. will have to hold down the junkets himself.

TV for the TiVo Impaired
Is Nancy Botwin permanently fucked on South American peyote, thanks to her drug czar el Presidente boyfriend? Nice twist, although I implore you to give me the name of anyone who's experienced this scenario over the age of 17. What a cartoon character Celia's become. My heart went out to Shane when he was asking Silas whether he should lose his virginity to those two mini-goth skanks. You really felt how motherless they are. Think he went through with it? What say you?

Pro-jhay Runway
About TIME that sad sack Daniel was voted off the island! Fool had no clue how to meet a challenge. Last night's drag show was phenomenal. I'm still in love with Chris March and absolutely agree with straight man Joe Faris taking the prize with his Pepto-pink zoot suit -- ironic as that may be.

The Cho Show
Can't wait to see The Haglicious Mag work her shit out on VH1 tonight, but something tells me it's going to be My Life on the D List Round Deux.

Celebrity Sighting of the Week
So we're out in low key West Hampton grabbing dinner at this mellow local Italian joint called Baby Moon. Zoe needs to be changed so I'm in the ladies room wrestling her on a chair when I hear this kid out the door saying how badly she has to go. I come out and am face to face with Tracy Pollan and daughter, post-beach, sans any makeup. I mention to Brad, who's skeptical at first, then we notice none other than Michael J. Fox holding court at head of their rather largely populated table a few feet away. He looked great, I'm happy to add. Can't wait to check him out on Rescue Me.

Kiss the Groom!
Congrats to our beloved Toby & Roberto on their recent elopement! We love you!

Til' next time! Love & more love!



Anonymous said...

Damn even I knew that Jon was gay..

Mr. Pink said...

anyone who's ever been in a boy band is automatically gay (still have my fingers crossed for Lachey) --

Thanks mucho for the well wishes! We're totally gah-married!