Thursday, August 28, 2008

90210 a Go-Go -TV for the TiVo Impaired Deluxe Edition

Hey Chitlins,

In the twilight of Labor Day weekend and all it's fun, it's time to divert yourself from the daily drudgery with a lil' goss and prepare for premiere month with this deluxe edition of TV for the TiVo Impaired!

90210 a Go-Go
When I first caught wind of all the 90210 2.0 propaganda, I thrust my snout in the air as if I was above it all. And now, I've found myself shamelessly rolling around in it. Like you're
The premiere, featuring BOTH cat-fighting rivals Shannon Doherty and Jennie Garth, was last night and Mr. Pink and I camped out on the couch for the occasion. And an occasion it was!

Let's get real. Brideshead Revisited this isn't. Six Feet Under it will never be. Shit, it won't even be able to crawl up the skirt of Gossip Girl. But for those of us gripped with nostalgia for an hour of vapid, mind numbing co-eds fucking each other's brains out, we now have something to watch IN ADDITION to Gossip Girl.

There were blow jobs. There were grandmothers who were BFF's with Linda Gray (SueEllen from Dallas!) saying "penis" with relish. Granted, the lead modern day Brenda character and "Silver," Kelly Taylor's bloggie lil' sis, were so anorexic, Pink and I were sure they'd crumble like Tinkertoys at a bad angle. But it was fun, fun, fun. If you're the type who looks to the boob tube for boob, this is your kind of show.

Cho Show a No No
I had high hopes for Our Lady of the Haglicious Magnitude to give us a good laugh on VH1's The Cho Show. With a lilting voiceover narrating her watered down antics and wardrobe malfunctions, this "reality sitcom" is more The Hills than The Abbey. She can throw her unsuspecting parents in front of the camera and rag on them all she wants. We all have to pay the bills. I get that. But the whole wallet-fattening, charade smacks of a poor impersonation of Margaret Cho rather than Cho herself. Which brings me to my next point...

Little People Are Not Purses
You know I love me some Chelsea Handler. But I don't get the whole little-person-as-my-assistant-because-it's-so-left-of-center routine. Sure, Chuy is cute and he's grown on me. But now to see Cho doing the exact same thing with her "assistant" Selena stinks of bandwagon jumping and blatant exploitation. Could this be the dawning of an unfortunate trend, like the requisite gay or alcoholic BFF? Be REAL people! People are not accessories!

The Pain of Lennox and Joel
Having had surgery for a severely herniated disc just a year ago, the excruciating pain is still fresh in my mind. That said, I was sad to hear Annie Lennox and Billy Joel are both temporarily crippled with wayward discs. Lennox is saying she needs six months to walk again. Get well you brilliant songbirds!

Helen Mirren Coke Fiend!
The grande ol' dame admitted to doing her share of toot-toot-tootsie as recently as 20 years ago, but admits she became the anti-dope because it made her paranoid. Poor dear.

David Ducovny Addicted to Love
He's ironically in rehab for sex addition, otherwise known as research.

The Cocky Cops
Don't act like a dick or you're apt to get called out son!

Meet The Marconi Brothers
My friend Mike's flick made it into the NY Film Fest this year! Check out this clip:

That's it for now! Sending mucho lovo your way kiddos!



Mr. Pink said...

Not to mention that the old stars of the old 90210 were dipping into the toot-toot-tootsie themselves ... or so it seemed to me!

And that girl (Shenae Grimes -- the "Brenda Walsh" character) needs to EAT A SANDWICH (or five). I am worried for her and appalled by the message this show is sending to young girls everywhere.

Speaking as an accessory (yes, I'm an alcoholic) thank you! ;-)

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