Thursday, July 10, 2008

Madonna Loves A Rod & The Guy From Boston

Heidi Ho Bitches!

We're in the throes of summer and the goss is getting steamy! Let's get to it do it...

Madonna Loves A Rod
But that's not exactly news, now is it? She's built a mighty empire around rod lovin'!
According to US Magazine, Yankees Alex Rodriguez ran around calling Madonna his "fuckin' soulmate, dude" while his wife was about to burst with their second child. Nice!

When busted in a big way, the rule is deny, deny, deny, and Madge has set about doing so in earnest. But his wife is over the reports of him leaving Madonna's Central Park West apartment after midnight, and she's blabbing to the tabs and lunging for his wallet with gusto. Can't wait to see how this plays out...sticky and sweet for sure!

Angie, Angie
While the world eagerly awaits you to pop out two more attractive cherubs to dote on, I dare say there's one goss who's onto your not-so-shiny habits behind the scenes. When reading this Blind Vice on Ted Casablanca's Awful Truth, my thoughts turned immediately to you.

A Glimpse Into Mary Kate's Future?

This cuts kinda close, doncha think?

TV for the TiVO Impaired

30 Days
Much as I love to indulge in the inane, it's always refreshing to watch a REAL reality show that doesn't deal in the sexual antics of post pubescent slobs. If you liked Super Size Me, you'll love the pertinent reporting the likable Morgan Spurlock does on this show. This week's finale featured Spurlock spending a month on an Indian reservation in New Mexico, revealing many ugly truths about how the American government has swept this population under the rug for years upon years.

Meet The Guy From Boston
This 4th, we were sitting around my bro and sis-in-law's kitchen up in NH when they grabbed a laptop introduced me to Joe Ligotti, The Guy From Boston. Through his loyal YouTube following, he's managed to make himself a FOX correspondent and Leno spot comedian. I hate to ask you genteel folks to click, but unfortunately I can't embed the link from You Tube. If you or anyone you know is from Beantown, trust this is worth the effort it takes to push your finger down.

Celebrity Sighting of the Week

Ugly Betty La Vida Local!
I could plotz! As you readers know, UB is one of my fave shows.

My gurl Dana was on lunch break and broke the news of this sighting stat. She did due diligence and caught America Ferrara on her camera phone in LIC where she was filming a street scene. Guess Betty's graduated from flats to pumps!

Be on the lookout!

With X's and O's Galore
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Mr. Pink said...

Why do i feel that A Rod is so far below Madge? She is really good at publicity for upcoming tours (ahem) and ticket sales... but this keeps on going. I did hear that Guy isn't a fan of the gays.

Casablanca ROCKS!


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