Thursday, July 24, 2008

L. Lo in Our Midst

Howdy Hos!

Another week has blown by so it's time to get on your knees and gather up some goss!

Is The Dark Knight Darker Than We Thought?
Say it isn't so! Christian Bale's mom and sister had him thrown in the clink for allegedly smacking them around after they said less than savory things about his wife and mother of his offspring. He was let go and no one pressed charges. As fine a specimen as he is, he's admittedly taken things to extremes in his professional life (120 lbs as The Machinist?) so who knows what the dude's like behind closed doors. After reading this quote on Perez Hilton, my guess is a bit self-indulgent:

"Everyone loses their shit on occasions, don’t they? Like, ‘Oh God, what demon possessed me to do that?' My wife gets to live with a variety of men. Some of them she likes, some of them she doesn’t. There are ones people like and others that they say, ‘Man we’re glad you’re finished with that project. You were an asshole’.”

Balthazar Getty Leaves Wife for Slutty Sienna Miller
...And he has four kids with this woman! Hark! Do I hear a chorus of groans and ews? I hope that skinny British poonanny is worth it...who'd take him back after that?!

TV for the TiVo Impaired

Project Runway
That narcissistic nudge Suede took this week's competition with his ripped, stripped and reconstructed tutu. As much as he annoys me, it was quite inventive and well made. If Stella drools out another, "I wanna make leh-thuh" I'm going to dunk her in a vat of bleach. And I smell a psycho under Kenley's talented and adorable Betty Page like exterior. Jennel is voted most likely to rip someone's hair out. What if they get into a slap fight?! Oh the thrills! Stay tuned...

Nancy will be fucking el Presidente of the Mexican drug world in no time flat. Love how Ceila got worked into the mix. How long until Celia and Doug hit the sheets again? And how long until Julie Bowen's character diddles the hell out of Silas? Lov
e lil' Shane's new turn as a hardass...

Rescue Me Minisode
Lou bets Mike he can't spell asthma, loses and loses again...until he trips him up on the spelling of his own last name. Fuck you Leary, you can't give us more than 10 minutes?!? At least by relegating these minisodes to the firehouse lunchroom, we're getting to see the best parts...

Design Star
Any bets on the winner? I like Jennifer and all, but I'm voting for Matt Locke. Yes, Matt Locke.

Tee hee.

You're Very Elegant
Welcome to every single woman's nightmare. As Roberto said on his genius blog Fart On Tits, I wish I could get a look at this fine steed!

Douchebag Phone Message - Watch more free videos

Celebrity Sighting of the Week

LIC = Lindsey In Character

Our roving reporter Dana's been doing time in Long Island City lately, and much to her glee has been right smack in the middle of some heavy Ugly Betty filming. Apparently the cast and crew are using the very same school building she's working in to hold gear and wardrobe! And this week's special Ugly Betty guest? None other than Lindsey Lohan!

Dana says she's much shorter and thinner than she imagined. She snapped the image below during a restaurant sequence with her trusty camera phone.

(courtesy People)

Ready for an awesome UB spoiler?

Dana says during a restaurant scene, Betty wasn't wearing her glasses!

Could this be the season where Ugly Betty loses the "ugly?"

(courtesy Dana)

Here's another good one...Erin spotted awesome indie actress Lili Taylor pushing her baby on the swings at Carroll Park...

That's it for now kids! Stay gold!

Love & Lollipops,

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