Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Double Trouble for Brangelina?

Hey Chitlins,

What's doin'? Happy almost hot long summer weekend! And what better way to kick it off then sinking your teeth into some molten goss?

Took Dylan to see Kung Fu Panda for his Pre-K graduation and love, love, loved it. If your eyes glaze over at PG rated material, take a sec to check out this cute trailer that sums up the plot...

Angelina 'Bout To Hatch??
She's been in a Nice hospital since Monday. I may have been off about the Gemini thing, but just a few weeks off. Her doc is holding a press conference this afternoon. It strikes me as it? Hope alls' okay with their latest round of offspring.

Madonna On The Rocks?
To fend off rumors that they are in big fat trubs, Guy Ritchie and his bitchie Madge went out on a very public date last night here in NYC. It's been all over the news that they've both seen divorce lawyers, so this smacks of Brad and Jen's orchestrated New Year's trip to the Bahamas a week before announcing their separation.

Anne Hathaway Ditches Con Man
Our former Hag of the Week Anne Hathaway finally ditched her con-man fiance Raffalo Follieri this week. Follieri was busted last month for bilking investors out of millions to keep his lady in the style she'd become accustomed.

Poor Anne. Whether it's about the size of their dicks, the size of their bank accounts, or their whereabouts the previous evening, we hetero hags have all fallen hard and deep for a penis nose in their early-mid twenties. It's a rite of passage. Welcome to the world, Anne. In the immortal words of Gloria Gaynor, you will survive.

TV for the TiVo Impaired
Design Star
As a design junkie, I happily indulge in watching these self-inflated weirdos duke it out for their very own TV show. Michael, the resident flamboyant gay, is already amping up the bitch factor, talking shit about people's work behind their back. Call me sick, but I harbor this fantasy of seeing the shiny, oh-so-tight Vern Yip get stinking drunk and piss all over someone's white room.

After a few weeks of rockin' episodes, this week's episode was filler.
It's a pattern with this show - two great shows, two mediocre shows. Still, their mediocre is the genius another writer can only aspire to. Nancy makes her first successful smuggling run sporting a visor and J.Crew whale belt and the family - led by Shane - conspires to put Bubbie out of her misery. Celia is sprung and spying on Nancy. Hang on, because I promise next week you'll laugh a lot harder.

Celebrity Sightings of the Week
Grabbed dinner with Vania at Noodle Pudding in Brooklyn Heights this Sunday, where we spotted regular Paul Giamatti dining out with his fam. If this shit keeps up, I'm just going to start saying hi for the fuck of it.

Laurie spotted John Hodgeman at the Red Hook IKEA...

Nia Vardalos and John Corbett have been shooting I Hate Valentine's Day at Gloria's Flower Shop and Cousins on Court. Keep a lookout and report sightings!

Happy 4th bitches!
Love and Rockets,

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