Friday, July 18, 2008

Celeb Gestational Habits & Real World Rumors

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Feeling a little moist from the heat? Here's a little goss to whet you some more...

Meet Knox & Viv Jolie-Pitt
The holy twins have arrived! How about that? Now the world can heave a sigh of relief that all is well in Brangieland. I know some of you faithful readers are out there chuckling at Angelina's poetic choice in naming her daughter Vivienne, of all things. Isn't that nice! Now if I could just lower the price of gas...

Where In the FUCK is the Real World?
No, I'm not sitting here popping perks and contemplating my navel - tempting as it may be. It turns out all the MTV Real World moving into the BellTel loft rumors were just that. Last week it was all over the blogs that The Real World Brooklyn was coming back to our neck of the woods - 3rd Place to be exact. Fortunately, there have been counter-rumors they're going to Red Hook, which makes a lot more sense. They better reconsider CG or they'll have scores of angry bitches in strollers sticking their feet out to trip any the unfortunate inhabitants.

TV for the TiVo Impaired
The Return of Project Runway
Normally we'd be festooned with billboards to herald the glory that is the Klumbot by now, but seeing as PR defected Bravo for the La Vida LA with Lifetime, they aren't plugging a whole lot of dough into promoting their last cycle of the show. Things are getting interesting off screen as well. NBC kingpin Jeff Zucker is throwing a big fat nasty lawsuit against TWC (the Weinsteins, who produce the show), for breach of contract for moving the series to Lifetime without giving NBC -- Bravo's parent -- the chance to match the offer, and they've just made it to court.

Now up to 16 contestants, there's enough gumption and neuroses in this crop to make for some interesting viewing.
Check out the crop yourself:

So far, my picks for the top 5 are:

Kelli (this week's winner was a shoe-in)
...and I'm not sure who. I'll know next week.

Brad said so eloquently that Blayne with a "y" reminds him of last season Design Star contestant Joey Sparkles. There's something amiss between those crazy eyes, I'll tell you.

And when did they stop drug testing? I know lots of lovely rock chicks so this in no way is based on image, but her slurred speech and obvious IQ deficit proved that Stella certainly injected one too many grams of dirt in her day.

Last but not least, anyone who refers to themselves as Suede - particularly in the 3rd person -- needs to be checked.

Celebrity Sighting of the Week
I tagged along with my pal Jennifer to a Garrett Popcorn press event where Top Chef runner-up Richard Blais was holding court and pimping out some delish cryogenically preserved popcorn pops. I tell you, it was like a KISS concert on a stick. Every bit as affable and as his TC persona suggests, Blais eagerly and liberally shared personal and professional anecdotes. Be on the lookout for Flip, a burger joint he plans on bringing to the masses 'round the country.

Well kiddos, must abort blogging mission and change diaper now. Don't hate me because I'm glamorous.

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Jenna said...

I haven't even been able to look at Blayne's crazy eyes -- cause his damned tan practically singed my own eyeballs straight on out my head.

Anonymous said...

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