Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Frankie's is HAWT

Hello Lovers,

Time to crack open and suck down the juice of the week!

Jake = Toothy
More evidence mounts on Ted Casablanca's Awful Truth. He almost sounds ready to pull a Perez and out him, plain and simple.

George Carlin RIP
This brave genius had me at "one-eyed wiggle worm." He will truly be missed.

Locklear in Lockdown
Another trip to Arizona, another celebrity in mid-life crisis. Between this and her ex-Richie Sambora's DUI and repeated rehab visits, here's hoping their pre-teen daughter has someone to lean on who has nothing to do with show biz. Or we'll soon see her looped on Ciroc Kool Aid cocktails and throwing her top off for Rick Soloman.

Fag Hag by Elissa Rosenthal
Am not sure how I feel about being reduced to a stereotype in this over the top, campy pro-hag vid.

TV for the TiVo Impaired

Jenji Kohan is a goddess. Dammit, I've just wasted 20 minutes looking for a photo of Celia's prison makeover and there's nothing online. From the crimped curls to the painted on eyebrows, you guys really have to see this for yourselves to believe it. Good chucks all around so far on season 4.

Rescue Me Minisode
Sean was on the cleanse, sparing no detail about how it's making his shit look, "like a green rubber glove with fingers sticking out of the water." His concern about the toxins entering his body, being a firefighter and all, was pure ironic Garrity. It made me so happy yet bitter as hell that they are making us wait until 2009 for full blown episodes, those wily bastards!

Bravo's A List Awards
Or should I say Gay List Awards? It was my civil duty to behold this Kathy Griffin-led celebration of gays, hags and product placement and there were certainly some good moments. The big mystery was how, with so many gays in the room, Griffin was allowed to sport a horrible nest of a laquered Doris Day coif throughout. Hair and Bears aside, everyone was in attendance from the good (Nick Verrios, Project Runway), the bad (Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef host who sounds like she always has change in her mouth) and the ugly.

Celebrity Sightings of the Week
This one came in from Erin just after last week's blog was published...none other than Lance Armstrong, Kate Hudson, Chris Robinson and their assorted children making nice for Father's Day at our own Frankie's 457 Spuntino. After last year's Gyllenhaal incident, I'd advise one to always look over their shoulder at that place.

Brad spotted Glenn Close filming Damages near his office mid-Lexington...

Nancy reports Rescue Me is filming all over Dumbo today, so be on the lookout for some lovely Leary...

Loads of love!


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Mr. Pink said...

i have to say it: lance is a pig.

but good for frankies! i love it there. great place for a martini and a cute serving of pasta!