Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rough Ripa

Hay Party People!

Hope you had a glorious long weekend! It's been flu season redux at my house, but here's hoping the germy juju is on it's way out until after the holidays -- or October at least!

Let's check the week's goss...

Reese & Jakey For-eva?

Just look at them.

It's like the high school football player and the head cheerleader all over again.

You know I fully believe that Jakey boy is "Toothy Tile," the mystery closeted gay that Ted Casablanca has been not so subtle about outing in his Awful Truth column. Will he go so far as to offer our Reesey a ring?

Why do I have the feeling the new Brangelina duo will debut today, Shiloh's 2nd birthday?
Me thinks the twins will be Geminis in the least - like Momma and big sis.

SATC - the movie
C'mon gals and gays! I KNOW you are going to geek out like me and get in line for this shiniest of shindigs. Want to hear your thoughts if you do!

TV for the TiVo Impaired

How I Met Your Mother
I absolutely love this show. I don't know if it's that they sneak Roxy Music into the soundtrack, or got George Clinton to pop off the bong long enough to film a fantasy sequence of him wooing one of the main characters, but I laugh a good laugh every time I watch this well-written sitcom. Check it out during rerun season!

Who blew up? The finally happy Pratt or the finally happy Sam? This show is so sickeningly formulaic, yet for some odd reason I'll be devoted enough to see it through 'till the bitter end.

Desperate Housewives
Great cliffhanger! We are left with a glimpse into the ladies lives five years later, Gabrielle mired in children, Bree back with Orson, but the clincher is, what happens to Mike Delfino? Do we care anymore?

The Tudors
If you haven't watched this historama-drama, you are sorely missing out on some credible acting, beautiful photography, and hot as hell scandal portrayed by hot men and hot women. Feast your eyes.

Celebrity Sighting of the Week
Stumbled out of my doc's office onto Crosby Street last week when I spot this teeny-tiny woman with coiffed blonde hair crossing the street right in front of me, a kid holding each hand. Who's behind those ginormous Gucci shades but none other than Kelly Ripa, escorting two of her three kids into a huge black SUV, sputtering a firm "No, you don't" through clenched teeth with a very firm if-you-don't-stop-asking-right-now-I'm-leaving-your-ass-right-here tone.

We've all been there, Kel. Was nice to bear witness to your not-so-perky side!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful friend Mr. Pink!

We love you!

Here's hoping next week's juicier!

1 comment:

Mr. Pink said...

what is jake wearing? he's really reaching. poor kid should come out already and stop the charade!

we are def. going to see SATC ... when??

i'm 31! i had a great dinner/drinks night. thanks hon!! love my prezzie too.