Friday, May 02, 2008

Her Sugar is RAW

Heidi- Ho Bitches!

Happy Friday! What better way to kick off the weekend than with the week's scrumptious goss?

Her Sugar is RAW
Hags and your Main Gays stand at attention! The new Madonna is vish-delish! Behold live footage from her surprise Roseland ballroom gig!

Mariah Marries Nick Cannon
And this guy's dick must be HUGE because rumor has it she accepted a recycled rock from his ex! Ew!

Miley the New Britney?
Hardly. Sure, those Leibovitz pix are a bit provocative, but it wouldn't be a Leibovitz if it wasn't. Girlfriend was hardly showing cooch or titty, so whatevs. Next.

TV for the TiVo Impaired
Ugly Betty
Who caught the cameo from ex-Elle speller Nina Garcia and Proj-hay Runway winner Christian Siriano working his fash-on this week? What a perf cameo!

Katarzyna gone! Upset! But I knew she was on her way out.
I still stand by my prediction of the top 3 being Anya, Dominique & Whitney. Anya will probably take it but that girl speaks stupid with an accent I've never heard before. I love big girl Whitney, but I'm kind of hoping that hot tranny mess Dominique takes it. Bitch knows how to rock a shoot.

Celeb Sightings of the Week (or two)

Erin caught oh-so-HAWT Nigel Barker inside a Smith Street deli AGAIN! Does this mean...pant...that the boy has joined our happy lil' hood?

Christine spotted Lili Taylor working her way down Court Street...

Last but definitely not least, I am doing the AIDS Walk again this year on May 18th and what kind of Hag would I be if I didn't implore you to dig into your wallet -- however deep or shallow you can -- to sponsor me? Don't delay! Donate to the GMHC and click here!

Speaking of Hannah Montana, had a blast interviewing one of her back up singers, my old homie, Beantown chicklet Kay Hanley for Babble last month. Read it here!

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Mr. Pink said...

I did see the cameo on "Ugly Betty"... fierce!!