Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blurting and Hurting

Hey Kiddies,

It's been a long week over here with a sick kid to deal with and no break from the nastiness of winter in sight. That said, it's time to lose ourselves from the drudgery of February with some tasty, meaty goss...

This year's awards held many semi-amusing moments, the reunion off Morris Day and the Time for one. Wonder if Prince actually held a conversation with his ex-Purple Rain compadres backstage?

Why do people love Rhianna so much? Other than a cool name, gorgeous face and legs for miles, what does she have going for her musically? I don't think I've ever heard her sing on key.

Kanye needs a slap! I've never heard such ego in my life. But to be checked by Vince Gill...

Rehab queen Amy Winehouse kicked ass in a remote performance from London, as her drug woes kept her from getting a visa. Unfortunately, she seemed waydoped up on something legal, as she gazed glazed into the crowd and blurted out a primal cry of vindication to her jailbird hubby..."Blake! Incarcerated!" Her poor mother grabbed and hugged her as if to try to squeeze all thoughts of said idiot out of her.

Rehab Roundup
If you haven't heard, rehab is the celebrity playground of today. Since last blog, these folks checked in:

Eva Mendes - looks like she likes the cocay-na
Justin Chambers - Desk LA reports him aimlessly walking around in circles outside of a restaurant
Kirsten Dunst - Perez probably calls her Drunkst for a reason

TV for the TiVo Impaired
Back to work scribes! The writer's strike is just about over, just in time for the Oscars and May sweeps. 'Bout fucking time. Need fresh shizz to write about!

No Reservations
If you MUST watch reality TV (what else is there?), No Reservations hosted by former renegade chef Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel is a must, if for no other reason than to hear his sardonic musing and watch him eat delicacies like shit on brains each week. Sort of a genteel Fear Factor meets Fear and Loathing in (Various Locations).

Laugh of the Week
If you didn't love Matt Damon and Sarah Silverman, you will now. Watch the whole thing and you will pee.

Celebrity Sighting of the Week
Le Sleeque c'est Chic spotted none other than the fanciful Colin Farrell on the 8th trawling Avenue B with a "companion."

That's all for now bitches! Don't miss my feature about colic on Babble.com starting Monday!



Mr. Pink said...

I wouldn't mind spotting Colin.

Anonymous said...

I love No Reservations! Although he makes me mad that he can eat and eat and eat, and not get totally HUGE, must be all the smokeing and drinking that keeps him so thin!
PS if you like that check out Fine Living's Thirsty Traveler. He goes to great places and tries the local booze & food..not to shabby!