Friday, January 04, 2008


Hey Hey Hey!

Happy New Year!

knows I've had quite a bit of mama conflama drama going on these days.


With both Dylan and Zoe sick these days, I've reached my wits end. See?

I don't know if you can read, because it's microscopic, but that vintage is actually called "Mommy's Time Out."

Get down!


Anywho, what better way (other than above) to soothe the post-holiday doldrums than immerse ourselves in a bit of mindless goss? Boy ha
ve I got some for you!

THEY (finally) HAVE COME TO TAKE HER AWAY (oh my!)

Britney Spears was wheeled out of her house on a gurney last night in LA after a three hour standoff during which she locked her estranged hubby's bodyguard out of the house and refused to hand over her kids. According to page Six and a Socialite's Life, the poor thing is on suicide watch. But then again, she's been crazy enough to think she's above the law for a long time and gotten away with so much. Get the poor woman the help she needs and lock her up already.

Just this week:

Yet another set of her attorney's quit.

She refused to show at yet another court ordered
deposition in her custody case.
Jayden James was taken away in an ambulance also!

She appeared to be on an "unknown substance" but Life & Style is reporting she came up clean.

It's called bipolar disorder people! Stay tuned to this one...

TV for the TiVo Impaired

Is it me or are these people fucking BORING? If it wasn't for bratty Christian, comeback Chris, or crybaby Ricky, I'd want to poke sticks in my eyes. Romi or Ramy or whatever his name is is definitely going to win, or at least make Bryant Park. So is Jillian. She enunciates so fucking slowly with that monotone voice of hers, I just want to shake her till she spits. She needs those gays to take her out, get her really drunk, and yank that pole out of her ass. I hated annoying Elise too but at least she had a little freaky deaky flavor going on.

Celebrity Sighting of the Week

Last week, I was walking down Court minding my own beezwax, and who should cross right in front of me but a very low-key, postnatal Lili Taylor, who's recently defected to my neck of town. I've always dug her work, indie queen that she is, so I checked her out for a bit. My height, normal weight, long black coat with bring blue backpack, no makeup. TOTES normal and refreshing - thank heaven. Maybe I'll see her at Pilates!

Sorry for a shortie, but more juice to come soon - promise!
xx MC


Mr. Pink said...

Is that Britney or Judy??? What a great shot.

Anonymous said...

Mommys time out! How funny, I have some too that I got for Christmas...hmmm sounds like we should get these bottles together!

Dottilicious said...

Honey! They really, really missed out on the pro-jay-runway when they dissed Dottay!!! What is wrong with my former main man Tim?