Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger RIP

Hey Y'all,

Unless you've been under a rock (or just plain occupato), I'm sure you've heard by now the tragic news that's rocked the entertainment biz....


Our old neighbor, Heath Ledger, was found dead in his Soho apartment yesterday. He was 28.

Here are the facts thus far:
  • He was found naked, face down at the foot of the bed by his housekeeper and massage therapist
  • He was not murdered
  • There were sleeping pills strewn about
  • Autopsy is today - initial round found cause of death to be inconclusive
  • No illegal drugs were found on the scene
Heath & his ex Michelle Williams used to live on the corner of Dean & Hoyt, and myself and many of my pals have had encounters with them. I collided strollers with them just last Father's Day, and Heath muttered out an Aussie, "Sorry, right?" before cruising past.

Now peeps and paps are camped outside of his pad on Broome and Lafayette.

Desk Park Slope heard the true scoop about he and Michelle - that it was one of those got-pregs-fast situations that never really truly culminated in a happy union for either of them, and that they played house and tried to make it work for the baby's sake.

My vibe? Maybe Heath's battle with the syringe was part of the prob. The boy started playing with heroin around the time he shot Candy and had a hard time with depression and not seeing his kid as much. Whenever I saw him around, he had trademark gray junkie skin and grooming habits.

On TMZ, Jack Nicholson says he warned him!

He just wrapped the Batman film The Dark Knight, and was in London shooting The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - a pic from which is above.

Sad, sad, sad. Poor little Mathilda.

Is Amy Winehouse Next?
The Sun actually got their mits on video of her smoking crack. What is it with these young talented folks that they are bent on implosion? You aren't working at Domino's people! What could be so fucking bad? I'd love to see you live my life at 22, locked away in some office park filing for eight hours a day and living with your parents. Now THAT is grounds for a fifth of Jack at 10 in the morning!

Oscar Noms
And you thought Angie was a shoo-in! Here's the scoop on this year's Oscar noms. Not that I've seen a single movie. Babies will do that to you!

TV for the TiVo Impaired

Celebrity Apprentice
Reality shows all follow a formula, and celebs or no, this one is painfully obvious and ridiculous. I only watched one episode to see Gene Simmons get his ass kicked by Ivanka. Save yourselves!

Celebrity Sighting of the Week
Alison saw our newest Hollyweird import, Lili Taylor, bumbling through Winn's in a sleepless haze. I just love how human she is!

Afraid that's it for now kids. TTFN.



Mr. Pink said...

You have a lot of money when you are in your 20s and you're going to spend it on drugs. Imagine having millions when you were 25 and no job to go to in the morning.

Does that mean celebs have mental problems or just trouble with moderation? Who's to say?

I'm shocked Heath is gone. Poor Michelle and those close to him.

dotty said...

So sad, really sad, Aries goin out like Marilyn Monroe but really a shame about his little girl! I didn't find out till late last night... too late to call you.

Why is Brittany still alive????