Monday, December 03, 2007

Sooooo Uncute

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Hope you are all kinds of smiley this holiday season thus far!


Sooooo Uncute.
In an earnest display of her sobriety, Brit spent her 26th birthday with Paris Hilton, the founding mother of her coke habit, this weekend.

Page Six says she drunk dialed Kevin and begged him to show up, but he told her he couldn't come because SOMEONE had to take care of their kids.

She just turned down an opportunity to be on the cover of Rolling Stone, which I think is the smartest move she's done in a light year. Especially since publisher Jann Wenner fooled Nick Lachey into posing for Rolling Stone and splashed him on the cover of US Weekly instead.

Besides, doesn't this pose just scream, "Take me seriously?"

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are...

Check out this no-so-blind item on Page Six: "WHICH big Hollywood actress is about to come out of her closet? She's been living with her girlfriend in a small town where all the neighbors know, and the two are now engaged to be married." Duh...lemme guess. She calls herself Queen. Without a "drag" prefix.

TV for the TiVo Impaired

CROW (gulp). There, I've eaten it. I bragged about how good I was at predicting shit last week and now I'm left to eat my words as BOTH of my picks, Lisa and Heather, got voted off.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I'm sorry to have to say I think we are going to be left with bowl-cut beauty Saleisha as winner. She's aight, but really does nothing special for me. I think it's going to be her and plucky Chantal in the final, unless Jenah (my fave of who's left) dusts off her sarcastic 'tude (uh - wasn't that run in with Nigel Barker SO Caridee of two cycles ago much?) and rocks it like she knows she can. This show is SO formula, you never know which of the past 7 cycles they'll try to replicate. And Bianca is shaping up to be Eva Pigford, part two.

Law & Order SVU
Holy moly what a good episode! Can I be Mariska Hargitay when I grow up? PLEASE? I have such a girl crush on her and her bad ass.

Desperate Housewives
Did you guys SEE this last night? I thought this show had bought the farm ages ago, but last night's tornado on Wisteria Lane episode was pretty decent. They didn't just kill off Lynette's WHOLE family, did they? I'm actually plotzing!

Damn writers strike! Don't get me wrong, as a writer myself I believe wholeheartedly in their need to get their due. I'm just pissed that was the last episode and now I'm hanging on by a thread until GAWD knows when.

Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane
You guys know, as your faithful MC, that I'll willingly subject myself to nonsense so you don't have to. I went into this one thinking how much I was going to hate on this bitch. But you know what? I kind of like her! Now I know you are asking yourself, how the f*ck can MC claim to hold any affection for such a spoiled, deplorable, idiot of a human being who, in her very essence, is everything I stand against.

After much soul searching, I've decided that I admire her pluck and ability to ask for what she wants in life, point blank, and expect to get it. Granted - she can AFFORD to, but I think she's got balls and frankly, I think balls are a woman's best accessory.

Pro-jhay Runway
I know this is a few weeks back, but it was truly amazing to see all the gays fall to tears, bow and worship when Sarah Jessica Parker was special guest judge. You'd think it was the second coming. Perhaps for some of them, it was the first. I expected this unsavory display from Ricky (this season's Andre - would someone please hand him a tissue?), but Chris? Get yourself together girl!

Check my article about doulas bitches!

MUAH and Happy Hanukkah! Until next time...



Anonymous said...

Ooo I love Life in the Fab Lane,(my dirty little secret) I love that she is so..bitchy but you gotta love her for it she gets what she wants!

Mr. Pink said...

I though for sure your "Soooo Uncute" post would include this atrocity.

What the??

Anonymous said...

Somebody please tell Katie to STOP drinking the Kool-Aid!

Anonymous said...

If there is any lesson we can learn from Britney then it is: get your own life in order before judging and condemning others. We are so preoccupied with sensationalism and negative tabloid trash that we have forgotten the essence of what it means to be a human being.
But I think Britney is a crucial example of our hopes and fears as a nation, played out with more expensive clothes and higher stakes. We can look at her and feel reassured that everybody, no matter how rich, has troubles. We can look at her and feel reassured that we're not as screwed up as she is, that our drinking isn't nearly as bad as hers. For example, I take the train, so I'm never going to get charged with DUI. Britney makes me feel better about my problems.


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