Thursday, November 15, 2007

Botched By Botulism


Check this shizz out, will you?

Hell No, We Won't Bo

It's okay to share certain cherished insights with your best gal pal. Give out the number to your hairdresser. But in instances like these, out of sheer humanity, folks should keep their dermatologists to themselves. Please note the recent demise of Nicole Kidman's face.

Mug By Meg

Now I'm kissing 40 on the lips myself, so I can understand the desperation that will drive a woman to extremes in her search for new ways to turn back the clock.

But this is just ridiculous.

Simon Cowell's derm did a pretty good job though. Love how he cops to the Bo!

I'm all for that Lipo-Dissolve shit myself (...literally)!


Is Clooney a Dick?
Last week, George Clooney and Fabio (of all people) got into a shoving match at an LA restaurant, when Fabio's dining companions (two fans) pissed off Clooney by pointing a camera in his direction...directly behind Fabio. All shots had Clooney flipping the bird in the background, but Fabio as the clear subject. Now I love George and all, but does he have to assume we ALL do? Is he that much of a dick?

Natalie Portman

Anyone catch her on Regis and Kelly last week? My GOD. Who let her go on their air looking like that? You mean to tell me Kelly's stylist was too busy with her quasi-Farrah blowout to tend to the rat's nest on poor Nat's head? Please note the floral scrunchie.

No hangover in the world could justify this atrocity. At best, she looks like a fourteen year old who slept out in the rain for Jonas Brothers tickets.

A world of no!

TV for the TiVo Impaired

30 Rock
If you haven't seen it yet, I feel bad for you. Please get with the program.

Miz Jay's expanding afro is wonderful. Please, like Lisa is getting voted off. They always have the winner hit the bottom two at some juncture. And mealy mouthed Heather wins the Cover Girl fan favorite week after week, so I say those two in the finale. Note how my predictions for the top six are right en pointe.

Damn I'm good.

Pro-jhay Runway
Another season is off and running complete with Bluefly, my old alma mater, on their list of sponsors. This year's crop seems a bit older and more experienced than in previous seasons, although the lame "grab whatever fabric is in the park and start sewing" challenge was bo-ring. Sweet P and Pistol are interchangable, casting could've been better there. Love little Christian because every season needs a bitch, and Robert is the Andre (crier). But it's their loss that they've left my darling Carlotta out of the running. Next year babe!

My predictions for top five?
Christian - Hated his palette but he's Mr. Edgy for the season.
Chris - They always keep the quotable ones around. "If I were fabric, I would be a leopard."
Jillian - Me, circa 1985 with natural hair, talent and confidence.
Rami - The shoe-in.
Carmen - Just so we can look at her a little bit longer.

Weeds Finale
Is it me or was that finale a little too final? With fires threatening to swallow Agrestic, and thuggie Nancy helping the process along by pouring gas over everything, they left the show off in a way that would resolve itself if it never came back on the air. Fortunately, the show's end was followed by an "All new episodes to come in 2008" announcement. Phew!

Chelsea Lately
I live vicariously through Chelsea Handler. If you like this blog, you'll LOVE this show.

I wrote the piece on tattooed moms. Woot!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Mr. Pink said...

I saw an advertisement for Chelsea Lately and I said, outloud to Roberto-the-Great .. "Is it bad that I really want to see that show??" I've always loved her. Girls Behaving Badly... come on! That was awesome.

" a fourteen year old who slept out in the rain for Jonas Brothers tickets."

You are a genius. Thanks for making me laugh. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!