Friday, September 07, 2007

Deluxe TV for the TiVo Impaired Edition

Howdy Kids,

Another week, another load of delish goss and media banter from yours truly, A Hag Supreme. 'Cos bitches like me just HAFTA...

Heath - Michelle

If you haven't heard by now, my 'hood's premier celeb couple have called it quits out loud and everything...Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are officially kaput.

Had hopes that these two would be cruising Smith Street hand in hand for some time to come, but surprise surprise, I'm left to surmise that horny hookups on movie sets do not always make for a happy ever after.

Now my burning question long will it take before we see audacious listings on Brownstoner for their FABULOUS corner building on Dean & Hoyt, complete with 3 car garage?

Tucker, GA Hip Hop Hot Spot?
Jenny's sleepy hamlet of Tucker, GA was splashed all over the goss pages with the opening of Studio 72, Jermaine Dupri's new hotspot just blocks from her abode. Woot Tucker! Check the Escalades for Janet baby!

Separated At Birth?
I do believe we just found the animus to Terrence Howard's anus ...

Holy shit! Just pencil in a mustache on her!

Seeing as he spent his recent interview in ELLE magazine making such a big stink out of only wanting women who wipe their asses with baby wipes and look like him, I think we've just worked through half of his Jungian issues.

Don't know about the wipes, but you can thank Brad now Sir Narcissus!

TV for the TiVo Impaired - Deluxe Edition

Entourage Finale
Eh. This finale was anticlimactic but made for a balanced storyline...E was right..Medillan SUCKED. Was nice to see the world of Vincent Chase be less than perfect for once, and for Drama to get the girl.

Flight of the Conchords

This quirky show can drone on sometimes, but the hilarious songs three quarters of the way through make it well worth folding your laundry through the first twenty minutes. Did you catch the Cobble Hill Cinema/Pavilion movie theatre close ups? Brownstone Brooklyn strikes again!

Nancy gets a job. Halle-fucking-lujah. I think Mary Louise Parker is working the vapid moist eye a little too much for my liking these days. At least if her character smoked what she sold, she'd have a valid excuse.

Rescue Me
Have to give my pal Alex a virtual air kiss for calling out the fact this show is a major Denis Leary ego-fest, but I eat it up like the best dark chocolate. Come to think of it, I don't think Vinnie Chase gets this much poon-tang. But I'm a such a sucker for that down home Boston whiskey-soaked cynicism and it's been fun watching him go sober. Trust me, the finale next week should be crazy. At the very least, one of the main characters is going to die. They always do. My money's on poor "Not Proby anymore" Mikey trying to pull a crazy Gavin rescue and going up in flames on the job.

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style
Sigh...SUCH a sore disappointment. Tim is adorable as always, Veronica Webb isn't all that annoying, but the show is What Not to Wear with different hosts - plain and simple. And the banter is no where near as amusing. Sorry Tim, there's no way to make this work. Back to the Runway with you.

Video of the Week
Because it's proprietary to Gawker, I couldn't post Rod "Momo" Townshends GENIUS "How to Cruise Guys" clip directly, but trust your faithful Hag, the "jazzhand jizzdown" alone makes it well worth a clickthrough.

Celebrity Sighting of the Week

My pal Lynn and I met for a long a
nticipated night out at our local bistro, Frankie's 457 Spuntino. We spent a lovely leisurely dinner covering all the bases...including the true identity of "Toothy Tile," a closeted loveboy whose identity has been long dangled before us by the Awful Truth's Ted Casablanca. I'm telling Lynn that I've always been convinced it's Jake Gyllenhaal. So we're talking all this trash about Jake, finally get up to leave, and irony of all sweet ironies, who is coquettishly sipping drinks at the bar with her good friend Shalom Harlow but his sister Maggie!

Mags is a LOT hotter in person than I thought. Perhaps it has to do with her new MILFY persona, courtesy of this campaign from Agent Provocateur lingerie. Feast your eyes, then eat your heart out!

That's it for this week people. Stay pretty!


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Mr. Pink said...

I can't believe Maggie was so close to my Brooklyn abode. I might have to spend more nights cozied up to that bar.


"... only wanting women who wipe their asses with baby wipes..."

Are you SHITTING ME???