Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sad Clowns & Deadbeat Dads

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What brand you ask? The best, stinkiest showbiz goss and inane goings on in the entertainment world, and matters of concern to Hags everywhere - that's what! And I serve it in small digestible bites for your convenience, so dig in!

Sad Clown
Owen Wilson was hospitalized this week after (reportedly) one of his brother's found him in his house all high with his wrist slit. This guy had me completely snowed - I mistook his trademark utterly vacant look for someone who truly didn't give a shit about anything. Guess he does - a little too much - poor guy.

Deadbeat Dad

This Lohan divorce mudslinging is so out of control. In a way, it kind of makes you understand why Lindsey snorts and bends over so damn much. As they say, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...

Here's the latest as Michael Lohan told Perez Hilton himself:

- Despite a court order, Dina is trying to prevent him from seeing his children.
- Dina is not supportive of a reconciliation with Lindsay.
- Dina is a cocaine user and abuser….and that he has proof!
- Dina’s new boyfriend is a rapist and a bad influence around his kids.
- Dina has had more than five drunk driving incidents resulting in accidents, which have not been caught by police.

Sounds like mother of the year to me!

The Official End of an Era
Hilly Kristal, former owner of legendary music venue CBGB, died of complications from lung cancer Wednesday at the age of 75. A beautiful, diseased dark pit where band's clamored to play (what the Rat in Boston aspired to be), CBGB's launched the careers of the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, the Patti Smith Group and many others over the years. Kristal was forced to close CBGB last October after a lengthy legal battle with the landlord. It was doomed when goddamn NYU built a DORM next door a few years ago. Sigh...NYC is not at all what it used to be.

TV for the TiVo Impaired

Design Star
Yes, I watch this shit. If you do, you know Kim is cute, but can't pull off the hardcore structural design elements. Will is cute, but is too innately laid back to pull off a hosting gig. So my prediction is that Matt might win just by virtue of keeping his shirt off at any given opportunity. You can't tell me Vern Yip minds!

Tori & Dean Inn Love
Yes, I subjected myself to this shit too, but only so you wouldn't have to. The things I do for love! Now do yourself a favor. Watch something else.

Rescue Me
Patience people, patience. Last night's episode was relatively light and hilarious, particularly the hockey game challenge scene where Gavin and Proby Sean were debating the exact shade of their dangling treasures, "For your information, I HAVE TAN BALLS!" This is typical of Leary & Co, lulling us into complacency before pulling some shocking shit during the season finale. Will Franco go psycho and kill Natalie's boyfriend? Will tragedy befall poor baby Wyatt/Elvis? Will Colleen get knocked up? Will Lou fuck his cousin's woman in sweet revenge? Stay tuned...

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy...what a mess you've gotten yourself into. The brick dance? Anything to further promote Mary Louise Parker's MILF-ness I suppose. I loved how Celia's daughter fucked her over with the authorities. It really was beautiful.


It's true! French & Saunders have teamed up again, this time parodying Paris and Amy Winehouse on their new show, A Bucket of French and Saunders.

I'm beside myself with joy! Here's hoping it comes stateside!

Celebrity Sighting of the Week
Martha Plimpton, foraging through her bag and fucking with her iPod, Saturday afternoon, 7th Ave between 28th & 29th Streets. I know...not quite the A list but with all these celebs playing duck and cover in the Hamptons till September, just what do you expect exactly?

Well kids, that's all we have time for this week. See you after the holiday weekend!

September's almost here - YIKES!



Anonymous said...

Owen's Ex Goldie Hawn JKr is here in Boston filming Batchelor No. 2 With new manmeat in tow Dax from punk'd - I guess he lost his boner for Ashton.

I have always loved Rescue me but it's turning into a Denis Leary Owellian ego-fest where in an imaginary world every woman is attracted to Dennis Leary and he's the only man that makes sense - come on people wake up this once realistic gritty TV drama has become one flew over the rainbow Ala Dennis Ego-Leary.

Great Blog Darling

Love Alex

Anonymous said...

Check out rock Doc's on VH1 Classic..NY77 great little bit on CBGB.

Momma Comma said...


Alex as usual you are SO frigging right on...

K thanks for the tip! saw and loved it!

Love you both!