Thursday, July 19, 2007

Momma's Got A Brand New Hag (Supreme)

Hey Hey Hey!

I know, I've missed your Momma Comma. It's summertime and thus my time to make hay for alternate climes, such as Atlanta and the Hamptons (thus far), while the getting is good. Any whoot, I'm back and ready to share the backlog of adventures and mull over the goss of the moment, with a brand new design (courtesy of Stephen @ UDCNY). You ready or what?

Say Brit...Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Ass?

Courtesy of Perez Hilton

Nicole and her Baby Bump, aka Get Out of Jail Free Card
Wonder if it will work?

Everyone's in wonder at this scientific feat.

As Stephen just said, "How does a seed grow in that barren desert?"

And Roberto so aptly concludes, "That pu**y can't cook shit."

TV for the TiVo Impaired

Emmy Noms
Sopranos for best drama, leading actor & actress, NATCH.
Happy that Denis Leary got a Rescue Me nod for lead actor and America Ferrera got best actress for Ugly Betty. Bet she takes it and best comedy too!

Rescue Me
Jerry offing himself was MAJOR! But the show was getting a little too mellow, so something had to give. LOVED the scene where Tommy and Janet were at a therapist giving a laundry list of problems in their marriage.

Top Chef
I stick with my former predictions, but am newly impressed with NYC meatheads and former adversaries Joey & Howie and am eagerly waiting for them to mate after hours. Also waiting for Sara N. to stop getting away with serving frigging apps. Was thrilled to see Hung eat shit at judges table for once.

Hey Paula
Tears. Slurring. Incoherence. Vicodin at its finest. She's all the mess you think she would be. And then some.

The World Series of Pop Culture
NY1's Pat Kiernan is high-larious as the host of this temporary VH1 show that will test your wits. Tackle it if you dare. It's actually kind of tough!

Celebrity Sightings of the Month
Vivica A. Fox @ Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta

Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams entertaining Mathilda all over Carroll Park...on a semi-regular basis this month (thanks Erin!)

Keri Russell @ Frankie's 457 (I suspect she has adopted our nabe as her own by now)

Sorry so brief but next time will be juicier! Grab your steak knives...I promise!



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