Friday, June 22, 2007

Rainbow Love, Gemini Boom & P-Town Cruising

Hey, hey, hey! Happy Friday!

Would you take a gander at this?

It's Jerry Seinfeld's attempt to promote his new bee flick. I don't know about you, but I'm quite frightened of the direction he's veering in. Just seems so ...unfunny.

"Promoting his new animated film, Bee Movie, in the New York Daily News today, the usually family-friendly comic quipped, "Bees have the only perfect society on earth ... They have no crime, they have no drugs, they have no rape. A little rape, but it's not that bad."

Oh boy. Arms everywhere are going up as we speak.

Rainbow Love
In true hag form, I was in attendance at the True Colors extravaganza here at Radio City on Monday to benefit the Human Rights Campaign and I must say it was a (pardon the pun) colorful and lovely event. Debbie Harry was the most "eh" of the three performers we saw, she attempted to perform her trademark killer shake and shimmy in sensible silver shoes. No Blondie numbers to speak of - just Rush Rush Baby Yayo. Erasure BLEW MY MIND they were so fucking good....that Andy Bell is ageless, timeless and absolutely divine. In between, Margaret Cho and Rosie O' took the stage with their hilarious rantings. Apparently Rosie (really) wants the Price Is Right gig and she met with producers in the past few days, so it might just happen. Margaret Cho had us rolling...she with another comedian did this song called, "My Pussy," which must be seen/heard to be believed:

Meet the New Celeb Geminis!

Just this week:

Julia Roberts had baby Henry
Tiger Woods' woman popped out Sam
Kevin James' bitch hatched Shea

And last but not least...

Keri Russell gave birth to River Deary.
Just look at her skinniness. I think I speak
for us all when I say.........BITCH!

Now here's a chick I can get with! At last a woman of SUBSTANCE...

My girl Salma
is packin' it on and proud!
ves that when you are 5'1", there's no where for it all go but OUT.

Makes me feel a whole lot better about my current state of affairs!

TV for the TiVo Impaired

Top Chef Miami
The sagess of reality TV will now share her predictions....ASIDE: Someone must've told Padma to remove that gargantuan fork from her ass...was it me or did she actually crack a smile? I bet it was Ted we've missed you!

This season's finalists will include:




Micah (she's JUST annoying enough)

Sarah M. (it's always the quiet ones)

Rescue Me
That scene where Garrity was trying to back peddle out of saying he fantasized about Janet was hysterical. Poor Proby - I wonder if he'll actually kill his mom. And I'm sorry, but if Sheila doesn't get her comeuppance this season, I'm going to puke.

Celebrity Sightings of the Week
As my ass has largely (and sadly, I DO mean largely) been glued to my Brooklyn desk this week, this week's sightings come to you live from Tobes @ Desk P-Town on Commercial Street:

- Alan Cumming, on the make, no less!

- John Waters on a bike!

- Michael McDonald from MAD TV. LOVE him!

That's it for the week kiddies!

Love and x's,


Mr. Pink said...

ptown realness. i go to clem and ursie's every time hoping mr. waters will be there. he's so uber cool.

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