Friday, May 18, 2007

Ole! Finale!

Happy Friday!

Hope you all are smiling. I'm chonking on some nasty no wheat chocolate chip cookie that tastes exactly like Playdoh. Why do I do this to myself?
But enough of my silly bullpucky - time to get our goss on!

See the cover of US this week?

No Shit Sherlock

So I guess the folks at US Weekly have discovered they can count!

Anyone who followed this tragic comedy could've told you that Ange got knocked up before the divorce was final. After all, he basically left the girl because she couldn't reproduce fast enough for him. Nice, ay? Just go out and get yourself a chick with younger eggs!

And you know Angie wasn't letting go of such a willing, eager daddy figure who would be willing to push strollers while she was off flying to Burma playing Mother Teresa, or "holing up in a hotel for 5 days to learn French." So having a baby (that she doesn't seem interested in in the least) was an easy solution for a life long of guiltless childcare. I mean, someone's gotta change the diapers!

Talk of Brad's former flames brings us to our...

Hag of the Week - Gwyneth Paltrow

How cute is she with Ross the Intern from The Tonight Show?
Apparently they are BFF's!

We can always rely on our Gwynnie to be a Grand Old Hag!

Photo: Perez Hilton

And check this shizz friend/brother of sorts Jase saved the cheerleader!


Don't hate me Jase! I had to!

Finale Mania!
There will be more next week because my DVR is bursting with stuff to catch up on...

As I predicted from the get go, my girl Jaslene took the crown! Go on cha cha diva!
Here's hoping we actually see her strut somewhere.

American Idol
Jordin for the win. Because it's predictable that way. Too bad it's not Melinda up there with her. She was the best singer by far, but had no neck to speak of whatsoever.

The Sopranos
FINALLY! Moltosante chokes on his own blood, thanks to a little smothering from Tony. I love how he spent the rest of the episode trying to justify it. Tony found his perfect out with that one. Wonder how he'll happen upon one for Paulie. 'Cos you know that putz Bacala is going to inherit the earth.

Ugly Betty
DON'T TELL ME. Haven't seen it yet. But she best get laid by Henry. And well.

Celebrity Sighting of the Week
Will Farrell. Red Cat on 8th Avenue. Stephen, Laurie and I cruised by on our way to dinner after Roberto De Luna's amazing display of California photos @ the Robert Hay Halpert gallery in Soho (it's up 'til June, so swing on by and see for yourself). Looked up and there he was, having a business dinner in the window. And let me tell you, that fro is TIGHT.

Mucho thanks to ALL of you generous souls out there who sponsored me for the AIDS Walk this Sunday. I surpassed my goal! Woot! Now to put on my comfortable shoes and do the lap...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY! Just shouting you out...

Have a beautiful week! Adios for now!


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