Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Hey Kids!

Can you feel the heat? NYC is supposed to reach 80 today, which makes me all kinds of euphoric and gleeful, so I've decided to blog to share the high and the hot goss...

It's Hard to Look Pretty in the Slammer

And Miz Paris is going to be fugs for 45 days! Woot! For a brief period in time, we can rest easy knowing she won't rundown any unsuspecting plebians in a wasted stupor! You just know she's more afraid of the bare-faced pix that are going to surface than...oh...getting her bony ass pummelled in.

Caught Sniffing!

That's Lindsey Lohan - post rehab mind you - shoveling coke down her friend's nose in the ladies room of Teddy's in LA.There are some other shots of her smiling on the hopper, but I thought I'd spare you.

She's next in line for the slammer. Can't you imagine her and Paris as roomies? Talk about cats in a cage...

Courtesy News of the World UK

Ty? High?

NAWH! Really?

Have you SEEN Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?

That guy is more cracked and wacked than Rachael Ray.

Photo from People Mag

Colbert Really IS GAWD

Fab Brooklyn gals Dana, Angie, Karen and made our way out of the nicer borough Monday to catch a taping of The Colbert Report...

And it was
FUNNY! My jaw still hurts from laughing. Between takes, he shamelessly shook his ass to "Rehab," by Amy Winehouse and his energy was infectious. I was only an occasional viewer before, but now I'm a believer. The flattering haze to glaze laugh lines wasn't intentional, just cell photography at its finest.
Afterward, we hungry bitches headed over to O Mai in Chelsea for some great Viet grub where we were treated to the...

Celebrity Sighting of the Week with...
Superstar herself, Molly Shannon! Accompanied by someone who seemed to be her (uh, very) husky husband. Must've been date night. She was wearing a very loud little dress, and looked as if she hadn't eaten a blessed thing since giving birth a few years ago. I think she did actually manage to bring food to her lips, although I couldn't see if it was anything bulkier than twigs and leaves...

and speaking of starvation...

Hag of the Week

Long ago and far away Waters diva Miz Ricki Lake gets snaps and mwahs all around for shedding half of herself, postpartum mind you.

Apparently she was shilling her flick about natural childbirth at the Tribeca Film Festival and three, count 'em, three tabs, begged her to be on the cover because she looked SO fierce. US won the war, and that smile you see is her caused by the many zeros on that very check burning in her wallet.

If this chick can drop kids in tubs and turn around and do this shit without surgery, well, sign my fat ass up in 2008!

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Re: Ricki Lake -- You see what happens when the lady shuts up and acutally acts. Talk is cheap, she's proven that to us all! You go Ricki.

Did you hear Rosie O'Donnell died this morning??

She was found face down on Ricki Lake!

Momma Comma said...

LOL!! Genius!

K said...

Paris in's such a boost for the prison clothing manufacturers. They haven't had a great celeb wearing their oh-so-un-cool duds since...well..Robert Downey Jr got busted for driving um..under the influence!
You wait and see it will be all the rage in Milan next season.

Momma Comma said...

Now that saddens me!