Thursday, May 03, 2007

Battle of the Bellies

Hey Kids,

Can't tell you how happy I am to be out of the rain and into the spring...NYC is truly gorge these days. But enough small talk about the weather...goss time!

Celebrity Sighting of the Week

I just love it when celebs come frolic in my backyard...just not so much when they snag my table.
Saturday night. Lucali's. Local pizzeria literally 3 blocks from my apartment. Brought the 'rents there for some real deal delish authentic Brooklyn pie. This is the kind of joint where you have to arrive at at least 20 minutes early and wait outside before opening if you expect to get a table on a Saturday night. We're told the owner/pizza craftsman is running late, so my folks and I take to the bench outside while Brad decides to take Dylan for a little run.

Photo courtesy: Celebrity Baby Blog

Then it starts to get competitive. This party of four shows up with two preggos (already I'm outnumbered), and one idiot husband starts mumbling about how the bigger someone is, the sooner they should get a table.
Anyway, who saunters by and waits calmly outside with her party of six but Felicity herself, Miz Keri Russell of Mission Impossible and soon-to-be Waitress fame. With her man. And both sets of parents. So much for our attempt at the single big table in the place...

Her party and belly is biggest, so she scored the table, while the five of us devout regulars were banished to a four top. Even though she's managed to maintain her taut size 2 ass (BITCH - and YES - I looked), I must say, she looked lovely and radiant, but not superstar overdone pretty. Seems like a real gal.

You just KNOW I'll be on the lookout for that ass sashaying the length of Smith Street. Maybe she'll actually push her own stroller when she pops, unlike our other neighbor, Michelle Williams, who always seems to have a minion in tow to do the dirty work. Either way, it's becoming official - Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill is turning into the land of reproductively-inclined teen angst stars. It's only a matter of time before Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze grab themselves a fetus and a brownstone.

Now on to mothers of another....well...

Britties Titties

It's said she recently made a friend take this photo (courtesy Just Girl must be allergic to fabric. Yes, Brit - that new injectable lipodissolve really works. Mental note taken.

With her much publicized "comeback" underway, Brit seems bound and determined to prove she's still the teen slut ingenue who won our hearts before babies, Kevin and rehab. I say good luck to her and applaud the work she's putting in. The gays will always have her back (as long as she doesn't let herself go again), but the teens and elder gals will always look at her and tsk unless she starts wearing clothes once in a while.

And unless her new release is actually...good. Another "Toxic" would help.

The Boob Tube

The Sopranos
Zzzzzzzzzzzz.....snore...zzzzzzzzzz....Can they just please kill someone already? I stood up for the show last week and still feel backstory is so important, but come on! Give the people what they want! Blood! Resolution! I bet AJ does someone in...maybe even himself.

Woot! Jaslene won a challenge! I'm TELLING you she is the girl for the crown. Her pictures are simply ravishing, and she geniunely seems like a nice girl. None of these chicks are going to walk off with a Pulitzer, their collective stupidity is formidable, so nice will have to do.

Dionne, on the other hand, is really turning me off. I CAN'T BELIEVE they glossed over her solicitous ways, asking designers for free shit is a big no no! And they didn't even slap her wrists in panel! She's next to go, followed by Natasha.

I'm voting Renee and Jaslene in the final with Jaslene to win. Renee is HAWT (I'd do her) and knows her shiz, but think her cattiness will somehow be her undoing....

Law & Order SVU
Mariska whooped some ass this week! LOVED that scene where she lost her mind and kicked that perp to bits in the interrogation room. Bet that episode shows up around Emmy time...go for bookends woman!

Revised American Idol Prediction
Jordin Sparks. Love Melinda, but Jordin is the most Carrie Underwood commercial type of the lot. I have spoken.

HAWT Art Opening
If you happen to live in the NYC realm, don't miss my friend Roberto De Luna's brilliant photography on display at the Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art gallery in Chelsea beginning May for deets.

Hag of the Week
Me. Why? Cos I'm doing the...

Forgive me, but I'm going to continue to pimp my AIDS Walk stint until I reach my goal - and I'm SO close - thanks to many of you generous souls out there. Click here to support me as I haul my plump rump around Central Park May 20th.

That's all y'all. Loads of love! Have a great weekend!




awesome plug for the man. go to roberto's show! it's going to be off the hooooook! after party at BBQs on 8th ave and 23rd. (no kidding)


Anonymous said...

Maybe Brit and David Hasseloff can do a duet.

roberto said...

Hey Vivian!!!!
Thanks for the shout-out on your page!
it's been giving me lots-o-links...
i totes appreciate it...!

looking forward to seeing you tonite :D