Thursday, April 05, 2007



After a hectic fabulous weekend of hardcore birthday feteing, I must say I'm quite content to take to the couch (let's get real... after 8pm) to ride out this cold snap we've once again been subjected to here in Gotham's doppleganger. This means lots of goss and TV commentary, so scroll on dear subjects...

Pucker Up Buttercup!

Straight men just don't brush lips like this with other boys, especially well-coiffed brawny hot boys in tight polos. It's been Hollywood heresay forevs, but if there was ever any question in your mind, there you have it -- Travolta is G-A-Y. Thanks to one of my fave celeb bloggers Perez Hilton for getting his paws on this compelling evidence!

Who's the Big Daddy?
We've all been waiting with baited breath to see who the father of poor Daniellynn really is, and despite the reported verdict being in a few days ago, they results still haven't been made public. My money's on Birkhead, but this strange delay reeks of legal issues and has me raising an eyebrow. Could it be Zsa Zsa's hubby after all?

Love US Magazine!
Did I not just blog extensively about Angelina being a poser over a week ago? Check out this scathing diatribe in US Magazine that calls her out about her I'm-going-to-actually-take-care-of-my zillion-kids...uh...well...the-nannies-will-and-I'll-do-four-movies, bullshit. Vindication at last!

Jake & Reese?
Either this is the hottest hetero hookup in ages, or she is pulling off some Anistonesque beardiology while she licks her wounds and signs her papers. Whatevs... Jake in anyway is all good! Well done darling!

A Must See
Alanis Morrisette just scored big points with this parody of My Humps on You Tube. Too good!

The Boob Tube

America's Next Top Model
I'm all about Jaslene and Dionne in the final. I would love that lovely lil' bookmark of a Latina to win - she's so fabulous. Enough of that boring Britney crying about her weave already! Love how 50 Cent tossed Jael into the pool! I'm amazed they've managed to hide her trackmarks so well thus far. Speaking of could you miss Nicole Richie's highness last night? Dust practically flew out her nose during a furious hair toss!

Top Design
If you haven't heard, Matt & Carissa made it to the finals. Much as I love her bold, dumpster-diving, mod-as-Adler sensibilities, Matt's designs always embody complete elegance and thus he should righteously walk away with the crown. He certainly deserves some sort of sparkling tiara, as he is undoubtedly the gayest straight man I've ever borne witness Travolta of course!

Gene Simmons Family Jewels
With the myriad of nonsensical money-making vehicles this crazy dude dreams up, I think this show tops them all. Who knew the old curmudgeon and his semi-wife were actually cool parents? Their kids Nick & Sophie completely steal the show. And believe it or not, they've managed to get me interested in seeing how their facelifts turn out!

Hag Of The Week
Miz Hilary Duff held her own official Hagutante ball this week by throwing her latest record release party at The Abbey, the gayest watering hole in all of LA. Smart girl!

That's enough for the week, y'all! Happy Passover/Easter/week off of school!


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