Monday, April 16, 2007

Moss & Goss

Happy Monday Folks,

Surely I jest....and I assure you that I do. That Virginia Tech massacre casts a pallor over this already gloomy and dank day here in soggy NYC. Don't know much of the details, although I'm not sure I want to. Some guy decided to blow away 20 people...just because. This world is really fucked up and it's almost impossible to feel safe from the pointless wrath of others. Doesn't get any more bile churning than that.

So, in order to keep nightmares and depression at bay, let's turn our thoughts to more trivial matters...

Doesn't this f*ugly shot of Kate Moss make you feel better about your looks?

Does me!


And the sperm belongs to...
Larry Birkhead is the Daniellynn's dear daddy. Here's hoping he can pay off his lawyers with the spoils.

Madonna Back in Malawi
D'ya think she's going to have one of her giant minions dangle David Banda over his poor father's head like a piece of sirloin?

Marilyn Manson's "Soulmate" is Infant Evan Rachel Wood
Or so he said in a Paris magazine recently. What is she - 19? Where are this girl's parents? I'd sooner lock my daughter up for a year than hear of this nonsense.

The Boob Tube

The Sopranos
'Kay we're two episodes in and some die hard fans have expressed their disappointment at the lack of gunfire thus far. We got a taste last night, but I really think the show will end in a heavy hail of bullets - just not 'till the next few episodes. Patience for the backstory people! The Adirondacks premiere was to outline the relationship between Tony, his sister and Bobby. Last night's show was all about the old guys reflecting on their lives and setting the stage for Chrissy's untimely demise, either by Phil's hand or Tony's. Or maybe even Carmela's. Wouldn't that be something? What do you all think?

Ari's foray into a throbbing Boystown club to save the dutiful Lloyd's behind was hysterical....especially as it was prompted by "She Works Hard for the Money" coming on the radio. But I'm finding the old Turtle-and-Drama-can't-get-laid thing a bit staid. Regardless, I can't think of a better way to come down off of The Sopranos.

Told you Dionne had the potential! She hot! Looks like they are humanizing Renee because she's actually going to go pretty far in that competition. She is the most naturally beautiful of the bunch, although bitchy as HEY-ALL. This week they go to Australia, so let's see how these bitches fare when force fed vegemite.

American Idol
Just can't do it this year kids. I'll tune in out of curiousity on occasion, but I really don't care anymore.

The The-ay-terrrrr
Thanks to the generosity of our dear friends, Brad and I earned a brief reprieve from our parental duties to jump out and catch Talk Radio on Broadway yesterday. Liev Schriber was Barry Champlain, and I assure you, he really WAS Barry Champlain. Law & Order SVU alums Stephanie March and Peter Hermann were decent in their supporting roles, but Liev burned up the stage and really made Bogosian's words come alive. If you've never seen Talk Radio, I highly encourage you to check it out, either on Broadway or the version starring Eric Bogosian on DVD. Thought provoking, fresh and relevant - even to to this day.

May 20th, I'll be putting on my sneaks and joining my pal Toby's Live From the WB team to participate in this year's AIDS walk. There are lots of sick folks out there who need our help, so if you have some spare change, click here and sponsor your dear, sweet Momma Comma. C'mon! You can do it! You'll feel better - I promise.

That's it for now. Till next week...yowza..yowza...yowza.


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Laur said...

The wee bairn's father is Ira David Wood, Raleigh, NC's answer to John Raitt. He runs what appears to be almost all th-ah-tuh in the city. Perhaps it's another case of daddy putting daughter first in the headlines (Lohan, part 2, anyone?), but the girl seems to be somewhat grounded. Of course, Brian's been the normal one in most of his relationships, so who knows?