Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Loose Lips

Hey Y'all,

How's tricks? Things are getting mighty rangy in the gossip world, so without further ado...

Lohan's Loose Lips
Well...since we've all actually seen 'em, we can vouch for sure! Check out this screen shot courtesy of Just of Shanna Moakler reaming Lohan via her My Space page without mercy...


Rosie Quits The View
Or did The View quit her? ABC and Baba Wawa only knows, but I, for one, hate to see her go. Save for Behar, she added some much needed sac to that ass-kissing estrofest.

Baldwin's Tirade
YIKES! NOT cute how he went off on his daughter Ireland. No wonder she doesn't want to hang out with him! Poor kid, although - now this may be un-PC and maybe I've seen a lot in my loooong life, but I've gotta say I've heard worse. Regardless, I'm curious to see what will happen when he goes on The View this Friday to talk!

The green-eyed hottie from The Tudors, Bend it Like Beckham and let's not forget his gorgeous trannie-esque turn in Velvet Goldmine, Jonathan Rhys Meyers entered rehab this week. According to his publicist, "He felt a break was needed to maintain his recovery." Guess he needed liquid courage to pretend to f*ck women all week. GAWD I want to go to rehab. It sounds more fun and relaxing than Club Med!

The Boob Tube

The Sopranos
Sunday's episode involved more set could practically see the bubbles over Tony's head as he contemplated tossing pain in the ass Paulie Walnuts into the South Florida drink.
Call me naive, but I hate it when Tony cheats - especially after this "epiphany" about Carmela last year. Guess they have to remind you that he's a nasty murderer with no morals on occasion. I really thought that kid was going to off Uncle Jun. I guess I'm glad there's still a show on the air that can surprise me.

Think Vince is going to do his agent? DUH. This shizz is getting painfully predictable.

Hag of the Week
This week's HOTW is long standing gay icon...Erica Kane!
All My Kids has been running a storyline about the struggles of Zoe/Zarf, a talented transgendered person, wonderfully played by theater actor, Jeffrey Carlson. This week culminated with Miz Kane taking biggoted audience members and her staff to task for harshing on Zoe. Go!

That's it for the week kiddies! Thanks to many of you for your generous AIDS Walk donations.
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Shanna and Linsey catfight?? I'd pay per view that shit!