Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stars...They're Just Like Us!

They wear hats...

We wear hats!

They worship alien beings....

And we worship them as alien beings!

They grab hold of random teet when compelled....

And we don't mind one bit!

They spend over 50Gs on a "rehab" with a private chef, horseback riding and endless hours of leisure and therapy by the pool....

And emerge with the urgent need to change their eye color.

Can't you just...relate?

But really people...sometimes stars really ARE just like us...
My pal Dana just rang me to bear witness to a congenial conversation she was having with All My Children's Cameron Matheson (Ryan) at a New Jersey IKEA. She tells me he represents extremely well in person. HAWT.

The Goss...Abridged Version

Petra Namcova & James Blunt Are DUN - ovah.
And apparently he rewarded/consoled himself with a few shots of "firecrotch", hooking up with Lohan. Now he needs to be fumigated.

Dirty Kiss Tonight Between Aniston & Cox
...on the Dirt season finale tonight. As much of a guilty pleasure as this show can be at times, I wouldn't be surprised, even with this calculated publicity ploy among Friends, if this also served its purpose as the series finale.

Hag Of The Week
It would have to be Patti LaBelle, GLAAD Awards Lifetime acheivement award winner as of last night. The headress she wore during Lady Marmalade sealed the deal decades ago.

I don't know about you, but I'm grabbing my kid and getting out to enjoy the NYC 70-something sunshine! WHOOT!

Props to my hubby, whose joke about pants inspired this blog xx.


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