Thursday, February 08, 2007

RIP Anna Nicole

RIP Anna Nicole

I'm truly sad to report that Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in a Hard Rock hotel room in Hollywood, Florida this afternoon.

Guess we have another American blonde bombshell (like Marilyn, whom she was fond of emulating) who lived fast and died pretty.

I have a few theories off the top of my head. First off, she did just lose her son and have a new baby. Unconsolable grief + postpartum depression do not a stable woman make. I wouldn't rule out the choking down of many pills to kill the pain.

There was some buzz on CNN that spawned my 2nd theory...they are looking into the possibility of her having the same congenital heart defect her son did and if so, a few years of Trimspa (aka legal speed) might just be the thing to drive her into the ground. Literally.

Guess we know the Trimspa legal department won't be sleeping tonight.

All I know is there is a beautiful baby out there who will always miss her mom & brother.

With the endless conflama-drama (either instigated by her or not) around her love life, her family life and her professional life, it's unfortunate that, as hard as she seemed to search toward the end, Anna Nicole wasn't destined to find peace on earth.

Here's hoping she's found it now.


toby said...

totally horrible! what about the other theory... Howard K. Stern. He was there when her son OD'd and he was certainly there when she did!!

Laurie said...

It's certainly suspicious that HKStern has appeared at two mortems. Interesting: if he's legally married to ANS, he gets the estate. If not, Dannielynn is the beneficiary (along with the biological father, whomever THAT is). Personally, I'm of the opinion that he had some strange vendetta against 1st husband Marshall, and is systematically removing "obstacles". Keeping her more drugged than Lindsey Lohan was a start.