Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Brit & Paris Sittin' In A Tree...

Top o' the mornin' to you!

This arctic chill here in NYC really has me by the balls. Not being able to go outside without it being physically painful truly sucks out loud.

Now that I've gotten that bitchin' off my chest, it's time to warm the cockles of your black hearts with some juicy goss...

Brit's Ejected From the Closet

Remember that item a few blogs ago, where I guessed out loud that Britney & Paris were getting it on?

Seems In Touch Weekly is inclined to agree...apparently Brit loves the ladies and slept with women throughout her marriage. They didn't call Paris out PER SE, but I'd be willing to put ten bucks on it.

You guys know what I think...BFD (big fucking deal) and mazel tov to her, but married is married and cheating is cheating. Just dance your way out of the closet, enjoy the best of both worlds, live and love happily ever after already!

Read another juicy bit about her Britness this week on Perez Hilton's blog. A reader wrote in a VERY detailed account of Brit doing lines with pals in the ladies room of Tenjune. She was indeed in the hizzy that night, so it's likely for real - y'all!

Get out your shoulder pads! Cocaine is back people!

The Super Bowl
Y'all know full well the only thing about the Super Bowl that I can comment about with any degree of know-how is the half time show, and the commercials. This year was largely a yawnfest, so I hope you had some damn good chicken wings on hand to amuse you.

As always, the purple one turns it out with the utmost gusto. His seamless medly of Purple Rain classics segued into tunes by Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix & The Foo Fighters. There ARE no bad Prince performances - he is one of the true greats of our time. And PS: Loved the schmata! Talk about a girl knowing how to keep her frizz at bay.

Best, most consistant ad series of the bunch. The 'work as jungle' concept was hilarious. Plus, I just love it when people throw shit at each other.
Letterman & Oprah
Pure genius of the ka-chingiest caliber.
Emerald Nuts
Points for blowing the dust off of Robert Goulet.
Things you can do with one finger...very funny.

Celebrity Sighting of the Week
Last night, Dana, Karen, Angie and myself waited outside in this miserable sub-zero fridge called NYC to get into a taping of The Colbert Report, only to be told (we had tix btw) that they were full up and that we'd get VIP passes next go-round. WHATEVS, right? It's no big inconvenience for four women to hire babysitters, make our husbands get out of work early, basically do anything in our power so we could get there on time.

We hop a cab and head to one of my fave Vietnamese haunts O Mai and upon walking in the empty establishment, who do we see complaining out loud to his assistant type companion while waiting for take out but Ethan Hawke. Not bad in person, but I'd be willing to throw a fiver at him just to hose down. He's got this major Pigpen thing going on, complete with flies circling overhead, that must be handled immediately.

Gotta get to and x's to you all!


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toby said...

celebs are allowed to have sex with whoever and whatever they want. it's in the celeb code.