Monday, January 08, 2007

Kylie Dubbed Queen of Queens

Hey Y'all,

Happy Monday!

It might be raining cats and dogs but it's nearing 60 degrees here in NYC and for that, I gotta say I'm loving the global warming...let's get to the dirt, shall we?


The Dirt on Dirt
Speaking of Dirt, Courteney Cox's new FX Show - like its topic - is a little trashy but not half bad. It seems she's finally caved and got shot up with the almighty 'tox, because her face doesn't move any more whatsoever.

The best thing about Dirt is its powerful portrayal of lonely schitzophrenic paparazzo Don Konkey, played by Ian Hart. That and all the sordid blackmail, sex, drugs and rock and roll we get to see - makes you wonder if it's how the goss rags really run. You just know Courteney and her best pal Jen are having a good chuckle. Turn it on if you happen to make it home by 10 on a Tuesday night and let me know what you think.

Can't wait to see Eddie Izzard own the small screen on another new FX show to come, The Riches!

The Knights of Prosperity
Six goons set out to rob Mick Jagger...seems stupid, right? Yes indeed it is, but in a good way! Mocks the Ocean's franchise quite nicely - Brad and I got a good laugh out of it.

My Name Is Earl
I was beginning to think this show jumped the shark until last week's spoof of Cops. We were ROLLING!

Hag of the Week

It's official...the gays detrone Liza and proclaim cancer survivor Kylie Minogue as the Greatest Entertainer Ever!

I totally get it...she's pomp, she's circumstance, she rocks a feather boa better than Madam and can sing in time to a thumping dance track. Viva la Kylie!

Celebrity Sighting of the Week
Last week, my pal Laurie and I are standing on Court Street by the North Fork bank, just shooting the shizz around 10pm and who nonchalantly strolls by but Gabriel Byrne.

Any other CG inhabitants have a sighting of him to report? Think he must live around here...

Be well kiddies!


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