Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Got To Be REAL

G'mornin' folks,

Hope life's been treating you well! It's reverted to downright chilly temps here in NYC, which means I've reverted to taking refuge in a box of gourmet spelt Ho-Hos - as if that would somehow buffer the damage.

Anywho, the goss awaits, so let's get to it - do it:

The REAL Angelina
Here's where I get to gloat about my endless anti-Angie rants...they've FINALLY been validated by the media in this article about the Jolie backlash:

After All That Goodness, a Sudden Fall From Grace
Once famous as a tattooed wild woman, Angelina Jolie has soared to the saintly realm and plummeted again in record time.

Amen. Just goes to show... it's not easy to fool Momma Comma.

The REAL Britney

God bless her for her hearty appetite.
Just wish we didn't have to bear witness!
Apparently she brought Sean along for a skivvie run at Trashy Lingerie. Think that about sums it all up.

photo credit: celebrity babylon

The REAL Brad?

Did you all see Dirt this week? I know, I know - a total trashy show, but it has its moments. Holy Shit (deserves the capitalization, believe me!) is Grant Show's jizz-thirsty character Brad Pitt or WHAT? It was uncanny - the speech, the mannerisms - it was truly amazing. And that blow job scene was intense! Courteney and Jen must be howling themselves to tears at their slumber parties. Good for them. BTW: Jen is due to make a cameo on the show in late March
and she's playing a frisky lesbian who locks lips with Court. That's either going to be really interesting or really lame.

Celeb Sighting of the Week:

The REAL Michelle

The Date: Yesterday
Time: Around 4:30 pm
Location: Smith Street, near Cubana Cafe
Michelle Williams and a tall blonde buddy (most likely a pal or relative) strolled Mathilda right past me and Dyl. It truly blows my mind how she always gets someone else to push her stroller. Rumor has it she and Heath got hitched right here in Crooklyn recently, but it all happened so fast, I didn't notice a ring.

Photo credit: splash news. What - you think I was gonna whip out my camera phone?

Thanks to Anonymous below, I just had to stick in these choice bon mots from a wasted Rachael Ray, slamming everyone from Oprah to Angelina. Dear GAWD she's worse than me under the influence: Boston Herald Inside Track

That's it for now, so get back to being your beautiful selves. Later!



toby said...

blow job scene in dirt? color me interested. i'd like to see hugh grant play a pitt character. maybe i should start watching the tube more....

get our your camera!!

Anonymous said...

BTW according to the Boston Herald inside track..Rachel Ray had some "choice" comments re: our lovely Earth Mother...try C-U-next tuesaday! MEOW!