Thursday, December 07, 2006

This is Your Brain on Cocaine...

Hey Y'all,

Seems two of the moments biggest insurance liabilities are making it their business to spew all kinds of nonsense today...

Looks like we have more heinosa vaginosa to look forward to from her!

And let's not forget the moment's biggest train wreck, Miz Lindsey Lohan:

"I am willing to release a politically/morally correct, fully adequite letter to the press if any of you are willing to help. Simply to state my oppinions on how our society should be educated on for the better of our country. Our people. Also because I have such an impact on our younger generations, as well as generations older than me. Which we all know and can obviously see. People are just mean." Click here for the rest on Gawker .

Well world, hold on to your panties. Lindsey vowed to use her intellectual prowess to change the world!

And last but not least...


As this blogger predicted from day uno, Caridee won America's Next Top Model. THANK GAWD. In a world where Lindsey Lohan's unsolicited opinions and Britney Spears vagina run free, it's nice to feel that the good guys win sometimes.

Oh and BTW: Joan Osbourne was spotted with her lil' kiddie in Cobble Hill Park. Look out for her and her Bugaboo in the hood!

That's it for now...have a good one!


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