Friday, December 29, 2006


Hey Kids,

Happy New Year!

I'm sure most of you are offline by now, but I couldn't let the year go out without a final blog of 2006...

One of my all time favorite performers, James Brown, passed away this Xmas am of complications from pneumonia.

My bud Jenny and I have been true James Brown fans for many years - he's been on countless mix tapes, answering machine messages,, and has always (will always) hold a special spot on my playlist. I was fortunate enough to see him live twice, and each time he blew me away with thrice the energy of performers a third his age. He will truly be missed.

Sorry so short today folks but I'm a bit well hung today. That's what happens when we moms don't get to hit the town for a few weeks...once we climb out of our domestic fortresses, there's no accouting for our behavior.

Be back next week! *Throwing confetti.*


Love and x's,


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