Monday, November 27, 2006

Paris Must Have The Best Shit in Hollywood

Hey Kids,

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday!

There really needs to be more 4 day weekends throughout the year. I blew off my 20th (YIKES) high school reunion like the dusty old bird that I am, but whatcha gonna do.

Major breaking goss, so I'll shut up with the niceties and small talk:

Pam + Kid = OVAH
Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Kid Rock like 5 minutes ago. Apparently both of their lawyers were racing to the courthouse, and hers beat his by all of an hour.

Of course we know she has a ratty track record but I kinda hoped this one would last. She's been through some tough times lately, so I actually sympathize.

Now...for your entertainment...we present....

The Decline of Ms. Britney Spears

At first, Paris seemed like such a friendly gal...

New BFF's
They enjoyed parties. They went to dinner. Then one day, Paris accompanied Ms. Brit to the ladies room, where she offered her one of her glistening vials of disco dust. Suddenly, Britney found herself transported to a place where her newborn children didn't exist and pants, and panties, were optional....

Oops, No She Didn't!
Yep - she did. Apparently Britney's found the pleasuredome and has unceremoniously invited all of us to take a peek. Now that you've rinsed after throwing up a little in your mouth, we can move on.

Kramer's Attempt At Damage Control

Michael Richards is hitting every talk show in the free world, trying to make his serious *n* word wrong right. Good luck to you and Mel Gibson, matey.


Madonna's Confessions Special

I was so glad to check this out because I was at the show, but sat far enough to miss a lot of detail (i.e., the grimaces of the men flailing about with ball gags in their mouths), so this was a treat, although I could've done without her flashing us her x-rays. Yeah, big whoop, she fell off a horse. You'd think she was the new messiah. All I wanted to do was work out...well, for like an hour. She is in the most incredible shape and deserves universal snaps.


Love the triple dream sequence but one thing my buddy Alex pointed out, which I'm starting to see is true, is that the show gets lost in formula. LOVE the hubby (they have a cute relationship), but it's the same thing every friking week. Give us a TWIST!

Desperate Housewives

LOVE Gabby's newfound suits her so well. What a good twist with Lynette last night! Do you guys think the guy was really a perv or trying to psych her out?

Celebrity Sighting of the Week

Sadly, this isn't mine to claim, but a near miss by five minutes. Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy) was spotted in Park Natural Foods in my hood this week. Must've been on break for Thanksgiving or something, 'cos Grey's shoots in LA. Anyone know if she actually has a Brooklyn place or is she just visiting peeps for the holidays?

Sigh...time to get back to work people. Have a great week!