Monday, November 20, 2006

Momma Comma IS A Hag Supreme

Hey Kiddies,

Happy Monday of Thanksgiving week!

You may have noticed we've undergone a name change..Momma Comma is still running the show with all your fave celebrity goss and unsolicited obnoxious opinions about pop culture.

But seeing as, according to my husband, this blog is the "haggiest thing I've ever read," I've changed the name to A Hag Supreme to provide the proper nomenclature to the site, as it serves to contain the rants of a raving fag hag.

So now that we've concluded that lengthy preamble, let's get to the week's juice:

TomKat Weds

In case you've been taking refuge under a rock, they finally got hitched in Rome on Saturday. They may have gone to extreme lengths by hiring everyone from J.Lo to Brooke Shields to show up and sprinkle stardust all over their party, but I think I speak for us all when I say: Who. Fucking. Cares.

Fashion Kills
Really. It does. Armani model Ana Carolina Reston died last week at a whopping 88 lbs @ 5' 8". Let this serve as a warning to you fashion victims popping cow meds and living on Diet Coke to stay thin - EAT A CHEESEBURGER!

Kramer is a BIGGOT
Looks like Michael Richards will soon be the one with a fork in him 'cos he is DONE!

I normally break this down by show, but TV is really boring me lately. You people call this sweeps? C'mon!

If they kick CariDee off, I'm going to personally flambe Tyra Banks for having horrible taste.

Law & Order CI
HATE Chris Noth's new partner. She has no pulse. I've never been so bored in my life.

Top Chef
Brad and I call the finalists as follows:

We predict Cliff will win. Any interested parties are welcome to post their votes!

Grey's Anatomy
People swear by thi
s show, but Everett's finest Ellen Pompeo reminds me too much of a welfare Renee Zellweger, so I can never get past the opening monologue. Should I? Why?

Ugly Betty
LOVE this show! But watching the gorgeously curvy America Ferrara remain clueless in that environment week after week is starting to ache my eyes. Can we at least see her attempt some lip gloss? Get her braces off? Just one small victory for geek-kind?

Celebrity Sighting of the Week
This week's sighting is vicarious, but I have license to it as I missed it by a mere 30 minutes.

My compadre Toby enters an elevator in the W. Village on his way to meet me at an appointment. Gorgeous, dark haired, bushed browed hottie wheels in a suitcase, asks which floor he's going to and gallantly pushes the button. The man fills the elevator with the warm scent of CK One. Toby wipes his brow after the man disembarks on two.

Much to my chagrin, I find out that I JUST missed Colin Egglesfield, Josh Madden on All My Kids. Can I get a GODDAMIT?

PS: Interviewed Season 2 Project Runway contestant Emmett McCarthy this past week and can I just say the man is an absolute DOLL? He can design his ASS off...if you are ever in NY you have to check out his bo-tique EMc2 on Elizabeth Street, and bring your checkbook because the man can make some duds.

Okay bitches...hope you all have an amazing holiday with your friends and fam, and that we get to toast life together soon!

Your loyal MC


toby said...
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toby said...

Colin Egglesfield was fun to see.

Alex said...

Some get Colin Egglesfield and I get Ami Mann :(