Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hey Y'all,

I'm sorry for the delay, but there were circumstances beyond my control that needed addressing. Such is the shitstorm that is life, I guess.

So that leaves us with lots of catching up to do....

There's Nothing a Good Hag Won't Do for Her Main Fag

Jessica + Ken = HSN

...And you kids know I know from whence I speak. Our dear Ms. Simpson has joined forces with her main gay to hit middle America where it hurts...

Now you know where to get your fall! Many thanks to PinkIsTheNewBlog for that image!

Now for an oldie but a goodie:

L.Lo Loves Her Blow Blow
This was found in the backseat of a cab along with copious amounts of co-cay-in-a by friends of a friend of mine a few years back. Lindsey really needs to learn how to stay just sober enough to hold on to her incriminating evidence...(Thanks Jeff & Marisa for the tip!)

Brangelina Stiffs Namibia
If you think these two are selfless do-gooders, just read this and weep:

Told ya!

America's Next Top Model
You all know I've been panting for the return of this amazingly, shallow tribute to all things modeling...that new pad is the most hilarious, shameless display of narcissism I've seen since renting Pink Narcissus years back...

Projections for the Top 5
AJ - Stomps the runway with magnificent 'tude
CariDee - Stupid name, good model
Amanda or Michelle - Twins are inherently interchangable, no? Nothing to look at in 3D, but great in pix
Jaeda - So naturally pretty she'll slide through to the top , even though her attitude kinda sucks
Anchal - Hot but needs to perfect her sashay-shante

Project Runway
Fasten your seatbelts, the finale is ON! We've all heard the rumors about Laura accusing Jeffrey of cheating, so that's old news. I've peeked at the runway shows on YouTube and, as HUGE a fan I am of Michael Knight (still want him to win!), I have to say I personally favored Uli's collection. You be the judge:





If you just can't get enough of Pro-jay Runway, check out this amazing blog:

You're welcome.

BTW, let's cast a vote - is Michael gay or straight? That seems to be the zillion dollar question your guess!

OK kiddos, time to do some paying work. Love you loooonngggg time!