Thursday, September 14, 2006

Harvey Keitel Wears Headbands

Good Morning Peeps,

Hope this finds you well! LOTS of goss this week...

Spawn of Spears
As most of you know, Britters gave birth to another bouncing baby boy this week, two days before her son Sean Preston's 1st b-day. She sure likes making them Virgos. It was another one of those Hollywood C-sections (a.k.a tummy tucks) at Cedars Sinai - the only way to give birth, if you ask me. Much better than the ghetto facilities here in NY, where you have to stand in a bread line during hard labor and threaten the offspring of bitchy nurses just to get your rightful frigging epidural. But I digress...

Anywho, the latest is that she named the kid Sutton Pierce. It strikes me as hysterical that she tries to give these kids classy names while riding around with them bareback, crying that she's "country." What the hell do you nickname someone named Sutton? Sutty? Slutty? Ton? That poor, poor kid. Then again, his name is the least of his problems.

Rockstar: Supernova

As I've been reporting from day one, and now it's official, Lukas Rossi is the MAN. A valiant effort was made by all, especially Dilana, but let's face it - they would've been the dumbest f*cks on earth if they didn't go with him. Can you believe I actually want tix to see these chumps now?

Whitney - Bobby Still = No Career
To little too late momma. Your cracked and still whack.

Project Runway
All I've got to say is I'm on fire with predictions this season. The only curve ball is Jeffrey, but I'm hoping his acid tongue tightens around his neck and chokes him right out of the game.
Bringing Angela and Vincent back was such a joke. I was so glad Laura won last night. I can feel for her as a hormonal old mommy with grand aspirations of glory. I think it's going to come down to Michael, Laura and Uli at Fashion Week, with Michael winning the grand. He's impeccable. If any of you readers were at Fashion Week and have the inside scoop - drop me a line!

Harvel Keitel Wears Headbands
Hubby and I celebrated our 6th anniversary last weekend with a night in Tribeca and brunch @ Odeon. Norah Jones floats in to use the can, wearing way too much makeup for 2pm in casual jeans and tee. She didn't need the warpaint - she is tiny and absolutely gorgeous in person. We walk out and she dining alfresco with none other than a deranged looking Harvey Keitel, sporting an audacious headband. Surreal. Wasn't some weird date - they were with a clan of people. An hour later, we spot Sarah Silverman trawling through the W. Village, her flock of gays in tow, also looking fab. See what happens when we leave the house?

Quotes of the Week
"I've been making beautiful music all my life, It's a gift."
-Vincent on Project Runway, oblivious to the fact that he got kicked off the runway again.

"Please. I spend more time picking out underwear."
- Brad Schaffel in response to Brooke Burke's comment that it took all summer to decide who the winner of Rockstar:Supernova will be.

That's it kiddies. Have a great weekend :)



toby said...

i want to be sarah silverman's fag!

Alex Palermo said...

i want to be sarah silverman's fag! >>>>>>>>

Isnt she already her brothers ? :P

Love the new name good mojo for the book baby !