Thursday, September 07, 2006

Drunks, Sunshine & Uma

Hey Kiddies,

GAWD what a week. Still groggy from all this back to work biz, so let's distract ourselves with some chitter chatter...

Paris Hilton Pops Her DUI Cherry
You mean to tell me that all 5'9'' 110 lbs of Paris can handle is a single margarita? That's what she told Hollywood cops when she blew an .08 shortly after midnight. Her rep insists she was "tired" but COME ON...she is far from lucid on a good day. How many cars does she have to hit before she takes some poor sucker out?

Lil' Ms. Sunshine Cruise
Suri made her debut this week in true Cruizasy fashion - on the cover of Vanity Fair no less. She looks just like her momma, so we now know she descends from at least one end of her claimed parentage.

I say this because my old OB/GYN supposedly knew Nicole Kidman's old OB/GYN. Poor Nicole had issues, but she wasn't the only one. Supposedly Tom isn't exactly carrying a loaded Top Gun, if you know what I mean.

Project Runway
Michael, Michael, Michael...what were you thinking with those cinnabons on poor Nazri's boobs? The dress would've been a contender if you had restrained yourself. Frankly, Jeffrey's win was BOGUS. That dress was Marc Jacobs circa 1992 and no one called him out. Uli's dress was gorgeous - she is the unsung hero of this competition, I swear. My $ is still on Michael. Thank GAWD Vincent is gone. Poor lil' Kayne is next in line for the chopping block, me thinks. He is an amazing craftsman, but he doesn't know how to cool out his inner Siegfried & Roy-isms.

Rockstar: Supernova
By getting all obsessed over her decline in popularity, Ms. Dilana blew the competition. I hate to say it because I was her biggest fan, but she is annoying me to death with her constant harping on the bullshit that went on the other week. On the other hand Storm, who I initially despised for her penchant for posing, grew on me with her professionalism and pos 'tude.

Toby just might take it folks. The chicks love him and he's really putting out lately. Much as I appreciate Magni, I feel like he's phoning it in. I stand by my choice of Lukas Rossi - that kid has one of the best voices I've heard in years. If they don't go with him, it won't be long before you see him out there on his own.

Uma is a Statue to be Revered
So I'm trolling the streets of Soho with my in-laws yesterday and who strolls by casually gabbing to a girlfriend but Uma Thurman. She's about twice my height and was wearing full facial makeup and what looked like some tasteful splash of gold lame at 10 in the morning. There was a set happening on Crosby Street so maybe she was part of that whole thing.

That's it for this week. Thanks so much for reading btw!



toby said...

I was really hoping for Suri to be the next Hollywood scandle but alas... she exists.

Back to the McConaughey/Armstrong gay/bi/straight debate...

Momma Comma said...

McGyllenstrong 4-eva! Talk about a triple decker!