Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Life In a Frigging Movie Studio Called Brooklyn

Hey All,

So I'm walking to the bank on my way to the gym this morning, meaning I'm in my pre-shower, makeup free glory. I see big booms and lights on the horizon but I proceed, because it's my neighborhood goddammit, and I'm tired of parking spaces being taken, stores being closed and all the other inconveniences that happen when your neighborhood is deemed the perfect backdrop for every Tom & Dick flick set in New York.

Luckily, the production crew said I could walk along, "As long as you don't look at the camera," and I come face to face with X'Men's Famke Janssen - in Prada no less. It's nice to know that some actresses over 40 out there are still shying from the ' least at a sidelong glance!

Now for the goss...

Tommy Lee's Is Bigger
..and he makes no bones about it!

Jen & Vince Engaged?
US Weekly swears on their masthead it's true, while both deny, deny, deny. Since people have really stopped caring one way or the other, they should actually do something.

Rockstar Supernova
My friend Candice and I have plans to slap Jill upside the head. I was glad to see someone bust out my old buddy Tracy Bonham's single though. Zayra busted out her gold spandex catsuit and ho ho ho shoes to sing all Lilith Fair on All The Young Dudes, no less. I'll give her this - at least she didn't sound like total shit.
Lukas is BACK, thank God, and Dilana is a total goddess but my new fave is Icelandic superstar Magni, who was AMAZING.

Project Runway
Told you so!

Rescue Me
A boring episode, but you just know the next two are going to be INSANE. Denis lulls us into complacency and BAM - kicks our ass at the end of each season. They killed his kid last season, his wife who's been fucking both him and his brother is knocked up, his obsessed former lover drugged and raped him and she just bought him an Escalade and begged him to run away with her, he hit the bottle again after a season of anger and sobriety...what could be next?

Gotta go wake up my lil' Dylly now. Lots of love to you all!


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toby said...

what is all this about tommy's privates lately? was it on a website? did i miss something? someone get me a cocktail immediately...