Friday, July 07, 2006


Happy Friday!

Welcome to the page that has all the news you have no use for and more! Hope you had a fab 4th. NH was great in spite of the intense heat. Got to see my family & Candle (shout out!) and now we're back with more goss to tingle your itchy flesh...


Jen + Vin 4-eva
Massive engagement rumors are swirling about these two. Y'all know I'm backin' the Greek girl's time she got hers. They do make a mighty cute, glib couple. But what I'm not digging is this nasty rumor that America's Sweetheart stays so thin because the only candy she consumes doesn't go through her mouth (thanks Desk WB!). Hopefully she'll find a way to jump that hurdle. I'm no narc, but she's getting a little old to perpetually be dreaming of a white Xmas.

Apparently Jessica Simpson shares her penchant for the magic 8 ball...Mischa & Nicole are obvious, but who's next to fall victim? Longoria?


Rock Star: Supernova
Yup - my shameless passion for reality music fodder continues. Each time Brooke Burke refers to the performers as "rockers," I break out in a rash. Right out of the gate, I call Dilona or Lukas the final two - both are competent vocally and stylistically even though I'm possessed with the temptation to hang both of these gremlins by their piercings. And that Storm chick has to stop posing or I will find some way to kill her.

That annoying gavone Dom just had to go.

My brother loves this show, so I checked it out. And it wasn't half bad, if you can somehow buy that
"cocksucker" was the standard greeting/noun/adjective of pioneering Americans during the Gold Rush.

The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency
You just KNEW I'd go for this didn't you? She is every bit as riveting as she is annoying.


Quote of the Week:
"I never knew beer could hurt so good."

I'm off on my maiden voyage to the beach tomorrow morning w/Tobes & Chez - THANK CHRIST. If I don't have grains of sand between my cheeks or chlorine in my hair - I just ain't happy.

Here's hoping we stay safe from more attempts to detonate my fair city.


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just say no to snow.